The Best Street-Style of The Week (19th)

We are once again with the more modern and urban styles I find today through the streets of one city either. Summery, carefree and above all with a very particular glamour style, a style not inherited from any magazine or fashion showcase and lots of imagination.

The summer lately are is felt much in models that they come to light streets: frescos, betting for introducing notes of color at all costs, with the stamp of the latest patent trends in all and each one of the loopholes of the look … and that is appreciated.

Do you think if we take a look at? the most chic of the month of July?

Although we are equal with temperatures not accompanying looks like these, I’m sure if you travel by the Nordic countries in the summer months, it can be something that does not feel strange to see (in fact, is a street-style taken from Sweden). The influence of the years 60 and 70, style is what triumphs and fashion is old-school. College jackets with t-shirts and jeans.

But without a doubt, this summer I’ll take looks more chic and elegant-based Bermuda short (up to knees) shirts and accessories. Again we see as the tissue breaks with the classic style the set and the borsalino finishes complete the look.

More styles sports that premium comfort above the elegance without renouncing to go well dressed. Baggy jeans style jackets denim fisherman (strange combination but never at odds) can use idea to within the same style change log.

And why not bet on mixtures of colors? The cakes are still more fashionable than ever and especially in summer. The cardigan was equal enough, but the concept is key: lose the fear of mixing colors.

And certainly the typical looks gentleman, with Americans in light colours, trousers in dark tones (marine blue, charcoal grey) and white t-shirt to break the sobriety, are one bet more than safe this season. Attention to how add-ons end up always put that Special and indisputable point of elegance sets.

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