The Best Street-Style of The Week (18th)

One more week we return with highlights for the Street style most interesting that is you have seen on the streets around the world.

And is that still lasts for the aftermath of the events that took place in Paris and Milan with their respective fashion weeks, which makes the material to analyze and highlight increase considerably.

Anyway the first image on the cover is not in any of those two cities, but in London, where we see this interesting combination of white shirt, blue pants and jacket beige, with a touch of Orange, very successful handkerchief.

In London, we’re going to Paris where we find this look. Style and sophistication all in one. The large helmets to listen to music they are becoming a hateful complement fashionable for some and already almost indispensable for many, I promise to do a post to not much to take.

Now it’s the turn of Milan. Hunter camouflage print and a wide v-neck t-shirt, suitable only for those with a neck and a defined chest, otherwise the effect may end up being little colorful.

Here we see Chris Rayner model coming out of one of the parades that took place in Paris recently. Look, a blend of denim and the Green, a risky but well carried can be interesting.

And to finalize the summary of today the riskier bet of all, not suitable for all audiences is clear, is that the fact of pink and red shoes and pants, can make a more than one purist you attack.

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