The BagoBago Backpack

I can think a thousand different situations in which an invention had so I come, especially on trips where you have to walk much, or spend too much time standing waiting for. The boys of BagoBago It has occurred meter a Chair inside a backpack.

The BagoBago Backpack 1

Well, rather than include, have created a resistant structure that remains inside the backpack, and that allows us to become Chair in about ten seconds. The elements that comprise it rest inside by keeping open the backpack volume, not subtract us space.

Bagobago finally and after is a backpack, but it can become a great travelling companion that the idea go permeating the market. There is place for 22 litres capacity, and a multitude of compartments, brackets, and even vent to the back area. Its size has been designed to be able to be transported by plane, with us.

The BagoBago Backpack 2

Its developers also they have been especially careful weight structure – 432 grams-, that touches the ground with four legs, which in turn they are camouflaged by a compartment of the same material as the backpack, and it stays attached to it by means of a magnet. The total weight of the backpack is 1.6 kg.

As you can see in the video below, sit in the upper zone, on a platform that is deployed and placed horizontally. Is designed for hold 130 kg, It is waterproof, and can be washed (the exterior is made with Kortexin 100% PES).

The BagoBago Backpack 3

We would like to know more about the internal structure, to better explain its operation – we see that there is a structure of metal folding chairs-style – but on the official website not be more detail about it. That Yes, the design must have something special, to be patented by the Czech company It makes them.

Although the suitcase may seem it not go looking for help in financing such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo platforms, is a real product that is sold on its website from 129 euros. For my taste, too expensive.