Thai Maternity Pants Are Comfortable and Modern

Dress with style in pregnancy, without losing the warmth that every pregnant woman seeks in this special moment of her life

Pregnancy is a time of changes in the body and mind of every woman.And this also directly influences the way of dressing.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to neglect the visual, on the contrary, the pregnant woman can and should look for alternatives that match her silhouette and make her feel good during the nine months of gestation.With good taste and harmony, everything can serve well in a pregnant woman.

Forget the t-shirts combined with leggings, oversized dresses or jeans with the elastic bar.Future moms can now parade their beautiful little tummies proving that the closet does not have to be anything “funny” during this time.

But where to find clothes for pregnant and modern women?

A challenge for pregnant women is to find clothes, especially comfortable, beautiful maternity pants to wear during pregnancy. An ideal dress for those looking for versatility, elegance and comfort are Thai pants , says Top-medical-schools.

Calça Thai – a pioneer in the online sale of this type of clothing in Brazil – is a company that produces handcrafted authentic Thai trousers.Besides being creative, stylish and stylish, combined with colorful Asian design, these pants are very comfortable for the little ones.


With pieces made from natural fabrics, such as cotton or rayon, Thai pants, which can also be worn as overalls, fit perfectly any body type, and can have their waistline naturally adjusted, causing the pregnant women to have Comfort and versatility when dressing.Clothing can be used in casual situations such as going to the mall, doctor, visiting family, working, among other occasions.

“A wildcard piece for the pregnant woman’s closet is the adaptable pants that accompany the growth of the belly. In addition to bringing versatility to the looks on different occasions, “explains Pierre Larose, founder of e-commerce Calça Thai.


The Thai Pants pieces are carefully handmade, providing the artisan touch to the products.The waist is perfectly sewn to bring the best comfort and provide a great freedom of movement to the body.

Another good thing about Thai pants is that the pieces are lightweight, with no zippers or frames, as well as having the differential of being natural cotton, which facilitates the breathing of the skin, increasing comfort, and does not cause friction against the epidermis.”Our products are ideally suited not only to people seeking greater quality of movement and freedom, such as therapists, dancers and meditation practitioners, but also for women who are pregnant or recently undergoing a cesarean process,” says Larose.

There are four models of pants available: Thai, Classic, Peacock and Flower, which become overalls and are the most recommended for pregnant women.The store still boasts a variety of pants for future moms, such as fishermen, because of the way of tying that does not involve buttons or zippers and allow you to adjust the waist every time they are worn.In addition, all colors and prints bring the feeling of relaxation, comfort and well-being.

All the pieces are available in the Pants Thai online catalog.These pants can be worn above or below the belly – all depends on the preference of the pregnant woman and the months of gestation.

How to get these models?

Know that the practicality of the design of Thai Pants products also accompanies when the subject is buying and selling.Orders are made only on the company’s website through cards, and freight is free for all of Brazil.This means that in addition to guaranteeing an exclusive and handmade part, you will not have any extra cost with the purchase.