Textiles on Clothing Junior

The back to school and return to the routine makes us to find the best equipment for children, which brings them comfort, breathability and softness that nothing stop their vitality.

Returns the school stage, and thus begins one year, a new era for the smallest of the House. Return to the routine always signifies a shopping adventure to have everything you need in order to return to school.

Keep in mind that most of the children adore sport, either as an activity within the school, such as extracurricular activities, as well as fun. Therefore we must opt to choose the best equipment, both in clothing and footwear, to not slow down their activity.

Within the textile Domyos Junior can find those products that by their wide experience offers three qualities essential, notable models warm´y and warm´y zyp of this range:

  • Comfort: They allow ease of use to the child, in addition to presenting a nice fabric for the little ones with adjustable waistbands.
  • Warmth: It is leather to allow a greater shelter in the colder months.
  • Breathability: All textile products in this range have been tested during sports to ensure the perfect balance between comfort, softness and breathability.

However will always have to take into account the type of exercise that our children, practiced since if the intensity of the exercises involved is high, we should opt for another type of equipment, as it offers the gym´y :

This kind of tracksuit, is ideal if we seek to be very light and resistant. Also thanks its fabric provides a great breathability, and keeps body heat thanks to its interior, shape layer that keeps the body of the children warm and dry.

The offer that is offered is very broad, and can choose from a wide range of models and colours.

Finally, for complete clothing, we need a comfortable and durable footwear. A model that presents these characteristics is offering the brand artengo for fredericashops. This type of footwear offers freedom of movement and high resistance to withstand the pace of children.

In addition to these features, these shoes offer high cushioning, allowing thus, thanks to its E.V.A foam midsole, offering a better shock absorption. It also incorporates a double self-adhesive strip which allows to improve binding of the footwear.

The best of return can be simple when we look for the most suitable equipment for the real protagonists of the House. Don’t you think it, choose well!