Text in Comic Sans Can Help Students Learn

Here is a twist plot that no one expected. Comic Sans, the known source which has become quite controversial in the interwebs for some time now, after being extensively used on websites, PowerPoint presentations and family travel videos may have a useful use. According to research from Princeton University in the US, fonts or font styles that are particularly difficult to read actually help you learn.
To reach this conclusion, the study organizer, the graduate student Connor Dieman-Yauman, he made an interesting test. He created three fictional species of aliens and written information (name and physical characteristics) about them, distributing to 28 volunteers on a sheet of paper. Part of the paper had information written in Arial part in Comic Sans MS and the rest in Bodoni MT. It took 90 seconds for volunteers to memorize the physical characteristics and their corresponding names. After 15 minutes of distraction, he asked to write back what they had memorized.

The end result? Those who received the piece of paper with the features in Comic Sans or Bodini MT fixed 14% more information than those who have read the information in Arial.

The group also tested the theory in rooms with 6 school teachers in the state of Ohio. They chose three complicated sources to read: Haettenschweiler, Monotype Corsiva and Comic Sans. Then they asked teachers to submit part of their classes printed materials with these sources and the rest of the class would receive the material in standard font. At the end of the tests, involving in total 222 students from elementary school, those who received the material with difficult sources had higher scores than those who read everything in easy to read fonts.

So if you are a student and have a long text some material to read, copy it and paste it in your favorite text editor, select all, kick the Times New Roman to the side select the infamous Comic Sans. The Princeton researchers ensure that this way the information will be much more determined in his noggin.