Test Your General Knowledge in Google Maps with Smarty Pins

The Google has a certain tradition to create little games using their tools and, last week, most of them revealed: called Smarty Pins, it has the premise to test your knowledge in various areas using Google Maps.

You can choose only one area of expertise (sports, entertainment, history and so on) and play with all jumbled.

To be able to hit something, you need to at least know English. Despite many questions with answers in the USA, it is not too difficult, since the questions have tips and, with both American media we consume, we have a reasonable knowledge of the culture there. There are also questions with answers elsewhere, of course.

The game ends when you run out of kilometers to spend; each wrong answer, Google deducts the total distance between you and marked the correct place. In the end, you can share your results and compete with their social networks who knows. It is suggested to procrastinate on Monday.