Tenson Outdoor Clothing

Tenson was completely unknown, me up before the OAS even though there is the brand name since 1951. The Swedish brand specializes in clothing in the field of outdoor, ski, and Navy. We had the opportunity to test several different parts. On one hand we have a Softshell jacket (the blue model in the photo below) receive, one Hardshell jacket (green model), as well as a rain set consisting of jacket and pants.

I’m going a longer jacket something on the blue soft shell , because I mostly wore them because of the still mostly dry weather, as you can see above in the photo (the two next to me are by the way the guys, greetings from here). The fairly bright colors are striking at first glance, of course. But don’t worry, you can get the parts in more discreet colours.

The processing is generally very good. The Hardshell, as well as the rain gear, the seams are inside neatly taped and waterproof zippers. The zippers are all parts of the famous brand manufacturer YKK. The buckles on the soft shell on the front as well as on the pockets, however slightly to grossly failed in my opinion. Here you have a something finer or, better yet, take a waterproof seal to.

The jackets are equipped with enough pockets, the Softshell jacket for example equal to 4 or 6 pockets on the front page (2 chest pockets and 2 pockets possessing a separate, accessible from the top compartment each again). The breast pockets interrupting something wearing a large backpack but.
The hoods are stowed, however not as usual in the collar, but rolled up and secured with a wide Velcro band. A somewhat unconventional solution, but they served their purpose. There is also a volume control for optimum fit of the hood.

Jacket I wore around 1 hour in some heavy rain in Stockholm the softshell on my sightseeing. The material was kept doing quite well (the T-Shirt under it remained almost dry), but you should be careful in the bags (especially the breast) what does it purely because the zippers are neither waterproof nor covered.
It is interesting to know that the company Tenson specially develop their membrane called MPC and MPC extreme uses. This is similar to Gore-Tex, waterproof yet breathable.

In General, I was very pleased with the clothing of Tenson. However I would put a jacket the softshell rather in daily life or during walks without big luggage, since it has shown some disadvantages compared to my jacket from Haglofs . About the price/line I can say unfortunately nothing relationship, because I missed the regular selling price to ask for. As a participant of the OAS, we could buy the jacket at the discounted price of 30 euros.
I can discover the products of tenson in any online shop. Probably, you can buy the parts only in selected shops in Scandinavia itself, what would be really a pity.