Telia Introduces Mix-Self-Services in Your Subscriptions

Telia changes the model to all its subscribers and gives you greater freedom to choose among the many value-added services such as Spotify, which included.

If you need to change or buy new subscription, Telia pleasure with even more freedom, so you can customize it in just the way that works best for you.

In recent years, Telia distinguished itself by offering many great and popular services such as Spotify, HBO and Telia TV. Now you get as a customer more choice know that you even can combine Telia’s various services in your subscription.

“For us, it is about to give customers maximum freedom. We will not have a foie gras-model, where we in advance include fixed services for customers. They know what they want, and so it is our job to have quality services on the shelf at a good price. Now we change your subscriptions, so customers can choose between themselves all our services. It makes much more sense and value for customers, “ says Christoph N, residential Director of Telia.

The number of services that you can choose from, depends on which subscription you purchase. Take for example, the largest 4EVERYTHING Premium, you must choose 3 services among the 5 available. Takes you on the other hand, the slightly smaller 4EVERYTHING Light, reads the number of value added services at 2.
However, it is worth to note that Telia’s many services are free the first 12 months only in the larger packets, at which point they are released for normal prices. If you choose the cheaper 4SURE Light for 149 kroner per month, included Spotify Premium just for 6 months. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises so you must remember to redraw the subscription or choose another when the services passes to normal prices after 12 months.

The various Telia-value-added services are:

  • Spotify Premium
  • HBO Nordic
  • Telia tv
  • Storytel
  • Roam Like Home Europe Voice + Data