Telephone W2, to The Elegant (And Strange) Smartwatch We Already Know That The Chinese Firm Will Present Next Friday

The Chinese telephone manufacturer already has in its catalog of a Smart Watch with Android Wear called Ele Watch, but among the smartwatches seems that needs remain without being too clear, so the telephone guys are about to present your second device to compete in this market.

The presentation will take place on Friday January 15, although the new Telephone W2, so is called the new device, it did not want to wait to show publicly.

As you may have already noticed, this elegant watch that, unlike the Ele Watch, will not use Android Wear, but a proprietary software which will provide full support for iOS and Android.

In fact, if we take care of your appearance, It seems more like a watch equipped with advanced functions than a smartwatch as today understand these devices.

Either way, we know that will require an official application the own telephone will distribute through Play Store and iTunes, and with that gateway can access all functions of the W2 telephone both a platform and other.

His style is completely classic, very elegant, with three buttons located in the usual position of the Crown and any conventional watch chronograph controls, and you can buy white and golden. The first one is directed to the male audience, whereas gold model is intended for the female.

If we talk about specifications, telephone W2 has a great screen of 1.61 inches, water-resistant up to 30 meters, sensors of physical activity and a 210 mAh battery, all in one stainless steel with leather strap case.

No more data about its price or availability, nor a feature that at the moment seems unclear according to the images, but little time will have to wait to reveal the information. On Friday we bring you all the details.

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