Telephone W2, Three Months of Autonomy for a Stylish Watch with Advanced Functions

Finally all doubts have been dispelled with the Telephone W2, and it is that elegant clock of the Chinese firm has finally presented with details by eliminating at a stroke all cross information that confused him with another brand watch.

Telephone Ele Watch Yes will have Android Wear, not this telephone W2 which complies with advanced in a mechanical clock functionality traditional, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and indicators placed in your area.

Perhaps call attention call it smartwatch, but is is really riding between what we mean by a smart watch and a classical mechanical watch, adding a wide range of smart choices to Swiss.

Undeniable design

You just need to see it in pictures to understand the adjective, as telephone has done it very well when it comes to design and build this watch, both in appearance and in materials.

To begin with, it has been able to keep the size on the common values of a classic watch, 41 mm and 1030 mm thick, all this without forgetting one stainless steel case 316L offering protection against immersion up to 30 meters.

We also have 3 classic buttons in the usual position of the Crown and a classic chronograph automatic controls, and the glass that protects the clock is Sapphire.

All this with a stylish design sphere presided over by two cut with diamond and luminescent, metal levers that guard the secret of a clock with greater opportunities.

In fact, one of its biggest advantages can be part of the design, and is that the telephone W2 It works with a lithium CR2032 battery which are normally used on any watch.

What does it mean? What the battery is not rechargeable and must replace a battery on the other, and although cumbersome to perhaps enjoy it knowing that it is able to withstand up to 3 years in stand-by working as classic watch, and up to 3 months connected to the smartphone.

In addition, this gives us the possibility to change it anywhere without having to go into the nearest outlet, but that Yes, we will need a screwdriver and a few minutes.

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Movement Swiss quartz and advanced possibilities

The machinery of the clock is of Swiss origin, specifically a caliber Ronda 762 Quartz, none of the other world but which will make your function to perfection.

If this was little, telephone added a battery of sensors for monitor our daily activity, allowing through an application developed to the effect that we check the stepped steps or quality of sleep.

Thanks to her vibrator, the clock is also capable of automatically remind us that we have long standing and we walk, as well as Let us know of missed calls or alarms If take it sync via Bluetooth with smartphone.

Finally, it is also possible to use the watch buttons as Remote camera trigger the phone, something that will surely be useful in certain situations.

Telephone W2, availability and prices

The W2 telephone is compatible with both Android and iOS, and hit the Chinese market soon to a price at only 79.99 $, proving once more that make an interesting product it is not question of too high prices.

Will be available with its metal box in two tones, Champagne Gold and Classical Silver, both with two straps that you can choose between a style khaki leather or carbon fiber finish.