Telefonica Wants Money From Google, Yahoo and Bing

César Alierta, Telefónica’s global president, said during a conference that his company plans to start sending invoices to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines search for the improper use of its structure to index web content.

“Search engines often use our network without paying anything, which is good for them and bad for us. Obviously, this situation needs to change, “he said during a business event organized by the company Price Walterhouse Coopers. For the executive, companies that have profits from the web must share their earnings with the operators responsible for the Internet infrastructure.

Experts point out the possibility of the search engines simply be blocked if refuse to pay the toll that may be imposed by the Spanish.

Currently operating in 25 countries, including Brazil, Telefonica is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, with about 270 million users in its customer base. Its growth strategies are geared mainly to Europe and Latin America. [EITB]