TDC Pays Money Returned after It Relates to Lump Sum

In the spring of TDC charged a lump sum after customers had switched fixed-line out with mobile subscription-now repaid this.

TDC charged by mistake a lump sum at 299 dollars at 397 customers as they switched their phones out with a mobile subscription.

Lump sum was charged after TDC sent promotional material out in the spring, where they among other things offered customers to switch from fixed to mobile. After following a customer complained to the Consumer Ombudsman, because TDC had charged lump sum at 299 dollars. In total, the amount charged to 397 customers, which corresponds to a total amount of 118,703 dollars.

The Consumer Ombudsman has entered in a case, which has made TDC now pays the money back.

-“The trader must, of course, inform consumers about all the costs associated with the purchase of a subscription. TDC has indicated that they have made a mistake, and that consumers get their money back. I therefore make no more of the matter, “says Henrik Øe.