Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Actors, Dresses from Gucci

No doubt the Twilight phenomenon We can find it everywhere, including in fashion. And it is very curious (and profitable) move to investigate and analyze the dresses and costumes that players choose for presentations and official acts, because not only gives us ideas, but it also brings new information and knowledge about their tastes. And in view of the results achieved so far, we can say that the stylist’s Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner It is not the same or want more Taylor to Robert, because so far it is hitting more with the first than the second.

Elected by the two costumes, they were Gucci. To dress out to Pattinson chose a suit ‘Heritage’ of the collection autumn-winter 2010/11 in cotton and silk color Garnet, combined with a pale gray shirt and black shoes. On the contrary for Taylor Lautner instead they opted for a suit jacket in grey, white shirt and black loafers, also from the same collection of Gucci. And I think that they were most successful with Taylor than with Robert, although it is true that it is not easy to dress them both.

Taylor Lautner although you look stupid, It has a serious problem with your complexion and costumes. He has developed many back and muscles and is easy costumes, due to their width and height, are you short of any of the two measures. So must take advantage to use dark colors (which will play with your skin tone) that estilicen you the figure and provide you with a more slender touch.

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