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5 Amazing Tips of How to Combine Bracelets and Watches

A charming women’s accessories, without doubt, is the combination of bracelets and watches. In addition to unite utility and beauty, they complement any look, from the most casual to the most elegant, leaving the look unique and full of style. However, one of the biggest questions of the readers is about matching bracelets and watches. So, Let’s clarify all doubts once and for all, besides giving tips on how not to overindulge in choosing these accessories! Continue reading

Smartwatch X Wristwatch From The Point Of View Fashion

There are more or less 1 year Motorola showed the Australian public your first smartwatch clock, the Bike 360, but other brands already showed similar products without, however, achieve a result as good as regards design, because the gadget was what most resembled the conventional wristwatch next LG G Watch.

Following such events began a debate on the future of this type of device and if he one day could replace the traditional watches.Obviously a lot of people ran to defend Swiss mechanisms and the craftsmanship of the watchmakers, while others readily decreed the smartwatches as being the evolution that the clocks needed to keep up with current technology. Even here in the men’s Channel we have come to discuss about this podcast. Continue reading

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch

The Swiss manufacturer of Antoine Martin launches with the Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar now granted a special variant of the successful collection – a timepiece, the dial is skeletonized and an insight into the caliber open dial. At the same time, the journal gives a sporty appearance, living at the same time by striking technical impressed the clock. Continue reading

Samsung Circular Smartwatch

Samsung wants to do things right this time with his rumored “Orbis” and is perfected design

The situation in the coming months on the market smartwatch promises, because with the Apple Watch just around the corner, we’re about to really find out whether this 2015 will be “the year of the smartwatch” as some predicted or so otherwise we will have to keep waiting. Many players have already shown their-Apple, LG, Pebble and Huawei- letters, although we miss especially one in particular: where are you, Samsung?

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Hyundai app for Android

Controlling our car from the Smartwatch is now a reality thanks to the Hyundai app for Android Wear

The future we will use our smartwatch is yet to be written, however, and begins to glimpse the path that until recently we sounded like science fiction. As we saw in the past CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai announced it would launch the Blue Link app for Android Wear from users of any of the compatible vehicles with this technology could control some functions of your vehicle.

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LG Watch Urbane Android Smartwatch

Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

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Best and Cheapest Smartwatch

Are you looking for a good smartwatch to give this Christmas? Do you have a limited budget? Check out these options

The smartwatch will be one of the star gifts this Christmas and many of you may find yourselves still evaluating the different options offered by the market right now. If you want to enter this technology category right foot but count on a shoestring budget, let yourselves be advised by us and the list of smart watches that we have prepared this article.

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Smartwatch Compatible with iOS and Android

Microsoft smart watch also have a large number of sensors to measure different parameters

The race for companies earn a place in the young market smartwatch is being frantic. Most important of the moment-with permission from Apple-have already launched their devices to market and those that have not yet do so in the coming months.

Of course, Microsoft is one of those companies that have not yet set foot in the market for smart watches. There are few rumors and reports have indicated that the guys in Redmond are working on their own wearable device , but all I know about him is equally uncertain or more than what we know about the iWatch Apple. What Microsoft is preparing?

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Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Review

Kairos is a smart watch under the guise of an elegant conventional clock

No, it is not a new concept image that you are watching. This smartwatch called Kairos and is very real, as real as its launch is scheduled for later this year. In a booming market such as smart watches, trying to gain a foothold in it is vital to ensure continuity in the coming years. Then we will see how Kairos could get.

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Moto 360 Second Generation Release

Lenovo CEO could have shown ahead of time the bike 360 which will debut in 2015

The bike 360 was one of the most spectacular smartwatch of last year and, despite his more than 6 months in the market, currently few can boast of having a design better than the Motorola. How is the second generation of the bike 360? It is something that many wonder what own Lenovo CEO could have given us accidentally response.

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Watches for Men and Women

Watches And Chronographs-More Than Just Timepieces

Men’s watches and women’s watches are much more than just simple timepiece in our time. You are a fashion accessory and fashion statement at the same time! Here, a watch always expresses the individual style of the wearer or the wearer and thus emphasizes its personality. The trend is even there, to own several watches for different occasions and outfits.

Thus also the wristwatch find that suits your own style, we carry in our gallery a wide range of high quality timepieces for men and women. Selected and renowned German watch brands including Junkers, Zeppelin or bowls are represented, as are hand-picked international fashion labels such as Police or OOZOO or déjà vu.

Immerse yourself in our watches and get to know our brand watches!

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Watch – Your Business Card

You wear them even on the wrist? Or are you already in the era of mobile phones to watch dips? Watches are no longer the only measure of time, but also a measure of taste. So pick up a piece that highlights your personality and makes you happy every time you look at the clock. A clock face can even begin. Digi or pointer? If you already have high school behind you, you had better look more for the others. Digital watches are more fads younger, although it is true that sporty types they can not commit even in adulthood. However, if you are looking for at least a casual elegance, choose a watch with hands . Purpose vs. Style it should be emphasized consideration of the practical aspects of the watch. The number of models attracted dials with “invisible” hands or so atypical design, it will take some time before you even find out the exact time.

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