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Tips for Buying a Drone

Drone buy-but which? If you want to get into the fascinating hobby, the question for a beginner drone, a video drone or a drone with camera. This is a question we are asked frequently. For this reason I have decided to take me a little more detail to this frequently asked question. Especially for beginners it is often a nagging question, with the huge range of drones which one to buy.

But first briefly something general about remote-controlled drone. For model airplane fans-and no longer just for this-are the marvels of technology the ultimate happiness. Due to the latest control and stabilization electronics which is controlling easier than ever before, maybe compare cycling.So, do not be insecure, because it is not as complicated as it looks at first glance. On the other hand, it is experienced pilots perform also possible exciting and daring maneuvers. By high intrinsic stability are to be downright predestined equipped with a camera to make great aerial photography.on this issue but more later. Quadrocopter are making as a hobby most common design.

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RC Gliders

RC gliders have no engine, at least most. Gliders are extremely ecologically and use renewable natural energy sources, to gain height and if possible to fly long. In areas without hills that means the thermals, so rising warm air masses. Those results when heat some areas stronger than their surroundings. There on this land also the surrounding air heated. And hot air is lighter than cold air, this warm air then drives the bubble upward like a balloon without shell. The art and the challenge and the exciting thing gliding it is now to find these bubbles and use. This is not simply because they are not seen. One can only circumstantial recognize where possibly just something detaches.

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Toy Gliders


Sounds boring? But it is not! Just play with and sometimes against nature, with the authorities, has its very own charm, which also and especially veterans and experts appreciate. In fact, it is so that even real jet pilots like to step in their spare time in a glider. By the way: Every plane sailing. One better, the other worse. But also an A380 does not fall like a stone from the sky when fail all engines. She glides about 18km far, if it has a height km Airport! This is called “slip angle” as far slides a plane from 1m height? 18m far means it has a glide ratio of 1:18.

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