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Questions about the Proper Use of Cell Phone Battery and Tablet

Load the smart phone off makes the battery last longer? It is true that, during a rainy day, it is dangerous to use the phone while it’s charging? Why does my device takes longer to load in the car? These and other questions about cell phone battery and tablet are the head of a lot of people and right answers can help you stay safe and increase the life of your device. Continue reading

Philco 7-Inch Tablet Has Good Price – and Comes with Android 4.0

The price (629 reais) and the operating system are – without a doubt – what draws the most attention in this device.But…

The first thing I did was go straight to the Brazilian site of Philco .I imagined a link leading to a hotsite full of news, but – surprise!I could not find anything about him.If you click on the assistance link you will get a “Britania” page. Continue reading

Coloring Books for Smartphones and Tablets

Coloring books for adults boom. The trend from the UK has spread quickly. The coloring books are the hottest way to forget their everyday stress and relax. The books have conquered the bestseller lists in England and the trend has quickly spread to other countries. Also in Germany you will find in every bookstore coloring books for adults. Pen manufacturers even drive special layers to meet the demand of coloring book fans.

When I came across the application Colorfy: Coloring book for adults when I was browsing the appstore, I became curious. The makers of the app promise”Therapeutic coloring now for your iPhone. And free of charge. “The user is promised that” time flies and problems are dissolved in air while you relax and have fun.” Continue reading