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Pull and Bear: T-Shirts for The Summer

If there is something we can not take on face to Pull and Bear It is a continuous effort to bring new things to market: more designs to colorful, patterned very jovial and priced more than affordable. The t-shirts is one of its strong points to this summer and therefore have been proposed to get each month a collection, either thematic or not, of different designs that cater to the market. Continue reading

Male Academy Clothing: 5 Tips to Get Dressed for Practice

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Look, I always get here in the male Fashion for comment, via email, on the channel, several questions of you about Male Academy clothing, fashion Fitness, what to wear, Male Looks for tips go to the gym, anyway! It’s about time to post something about it, right? But, as always, something uncomplicated and straightforward, so you catch easily without complication. Porting bora pro post view, in particular, the 5 Tips in Gym clothes for men?  Continue reading

Thai Maternity Pants Are Comfortable and Modern

Dress with style in pregnancy, without losing the warmth that every pregnant woman seeks in this special moment of her life

Pregnancy is a time of changes in the body and mind of every woman.And this also directly influences the way of dressing.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to neglect the visual, on the contrary, the pregnant woman can and should look for alternatives that match her silhouette and make her feel good during the nine months of gestation.With good taste and harmony, everything can serve well in a pregnant woman. Continue reading

13 Plus Size Men’s Fashion Tips

Here at El Hombre  we are always giving fitness tips for the guys to stay in shape. But sometimes, because of the daily rush, we end up skidding on food, forget about exercise-and then, when we realize it, there are the extra pounds in our belly, so easy to win and so hard to lose. Then paint the question: how to dress well being chubby?

If this is your dilemma, today we have assembled the 13 fashion tips for plus size men. Ultimately, the key is to bring balance and shape to your silhouette, with parts that give you an impression that you are “big” instead of “fat.” Continue reading

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Sports Bras

Sport makes you happy. Regular exercise promotes good health and helps to burn off excess body fat. At the workout the appropriate attire may not be missing. More and more fashion labels include fitness clothing in their program. Sweaty athletes in jogging pants and simple T-Shirts with Werbeprints are finding little more in fitness studios. Who like shows everyday in fashionable outfits, invested in the sport in trendy fitness clothing of the hippest brands. Women should pay attention not only to chic shirts and pants, but create also a sports bra that fits to the specific requirements of your body. But what sports bra holds, what he promises and what should women when shopping look? Continue reading

How to Dress If You Are Skinny?

Liana legs, a girl’s bust size and a slightly marked: while some would pay to get rid of their forms, dress their absence is not necessarily easier. You struggle to emphasize your femininity, learn how to finally tame your skinny physique and play better with your clothes!

Dress When We Have No Forms, Miracle Clothes

Since everything you will difficult to retain only some clothes for you to dress according to your body. Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn … choose your references and copy unscrupulous! The real secret lies less in the clothes in the accessories: scarves and stoles flesh out the figure, chest or accumulated for necklaces highlight a slender neck. Same principle for the rushes wrist, bringing roundness without charge. Finally shoe side, the best friend of a skinny physique is the timeless ballerina: feminine, delicate and practical.

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Ultimate Proof Kim Kardashian Fashion Tips

Bear your of “envy dell outfit” against Kim Kardashian? Be facciamocela pass. Here is the scientific proof, final and irrefutable that she always has the usual 15 things that are better
Kim Kardashian is living proof that to have a style that breaks, chasing the latest fashion can be counterproductive. Conversely, be aware of what works on you, such as garments suit you best and add value to you, it works! Sure, it takes perseverance to always wear the same things. Continue reading

History of the Leather Jacket

If I tell you jacket leather, Easy Riders and bikers to the sunglasses, you tell me… “leather jacket” of course! Formerly emblem of thugs and bikers, the leather jacket is now part of your wardrobe. Revised and updated by the creators, it reigns supreme among the must-see fashion clothing. For a rock look ‘roll, Bohemian or romantic, the leather jacket is THE fashion garment that is all the rage in any season!

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How to Wear Colorful Print

Fashion designer Holly Fulton reveals how best to wear bright colors and prints.

  1. Start with the basics

“If you’re not familiar with prints and geometric patterns, makes matching a skirt printed with a plain shirt or vice versa,” says Holly.

Try: “for a super stylish look, use a white men’s shirt with printed pants or skirt: you’ll have a nice contrast without exaggeration”.

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Dog Halloween Costume Ideas Homemade

You need a dog suit and you need it now. No time for ordering online or running to the pet store and hope they have something amounting to Rover. This is a short term, money is tight and your dog is not eager for silk and lace. Sometimes you just have to cave into pressure from children, neighbors, dog groups or other people who want this dog dressed and ready to go. You can get that puppy is ready for Halloween, a local parade or party child with this fast-tailored suit that is inexpensive, fun and disposable.

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