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Replay and Its Campaign for This Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

No doubt Replay It is one of the brands that has managed to carve out a niche within the panorama of youthful and carefree fashion. His jeans delight more than one but has also achieved an incredible variety in fashion more carefree, with interesting proposals)Although nothing innovative) in the rest of items: t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and wrap for the autumn-winter. Continue reading

The Look: Short+Shirt

Hi girls,

Had a wave around in short-skirt asymmetrical and I (at the time) I bought this one… I remember as soon as I saw this shorts “weird” of tips-that wasn’t fashionable yet–I thought: it’s pretty neat, dresses well, but it’s kind of weird … I don’t know. It was no “passion at first sight”. lol but, I enjoyed a pink and I decided to buy! We women have this thing about buying a few pieces, dressing for “whatever” once or twice, playing in the back of my closet and forget there, isn’t it?! #tãoeu rs Continue reading

We Love the Sweater Dress-and So You Style It

The sweater dress is probably one of the best styling pieces for autumn / winter. It is long cut and so not only warms the upper body, but also a part of the legs and thighs.  In addition, it usually leaves room for layers, that is for the warming onellook. It can be worn versatile to thick pantyhose, leggings or jeans. We show you three ways to combine the cool trend-piece: Continue reading

Double Blouse Step By Step

I know that you, like me, love practicality together with beauty. And that’s exactly why I was born this blouse step by step-sided beautiful to live!

If you look closely, you will see that the blue fabric that I used in this piece was left ball dress that I sewed, Watch this lesson here, and it comes fully against one of our goals – a more sustainable and economic life. This fabric is a rayon, and can be chosen for the two faces of this blouse. Have you thought about cute and unusual combinations that you can sew with this model??? I’m in love just thinking about it. Continue reading

How to Dress If You Are Tall?

You blithely exceed the sixty-three meter average French? You may be proud … and learn to choose your clothes to love your body! Because dress when you come out of standard may require a little imagination, follow some simple tips and rediscover the pleasure of being great.

Dress When One Is High, the Miracle Clothes

An infallible ally? The pants. It emphasizes the length of your legs, while lending itself to endless variations in height. Skirts and long dresses also adorn the large, curved version for stress, widened to erase … without forgetting the famous ballerina, able to accommodate your toes in comfort and without additional centimeters. One more tip: you will overlays perfectly, accumulate without blushing thicknesses and lengths vary or patterns!

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How to Dress If You Are Chubby?

The average size of French women is not 36 but 42. … You are part of these morphologies in shape and form? heart stroke accessories, look tricks, smart materials or magical sections, learn how to celebrate your body without forgetting fashion!

Dress When One Is Round, the Miracle Clothes

Yes, they exist! These clothes are able to dress all body round, almost without discomfort. Go for the high waist pants for a nicer, curvy hips and buttocks: avoid too wide forms and if your thighs complexed you combine a long top with a slim shape. Side skirts, long skirts, trapeze skirt fluid or pencil skirt are your friends. Flexible shirts and long tunics will not you ever let down, plain or printed. The glamor of the dress portfolio, meanwhile, wears round beauty for decades. Finally, think about accessories! Dare chunky jewelry, emphasize your waist sashes or your finer hips.

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How to Dress If You Are Skinny?

Liana legs, a girl’s bust size and a slightly marked: while some would pay to get rid of their forms, dress their absence is not necessarily easier. You struggle to emphasize your femininity, learn how to finally tame your skinny physique and play better with your clothes!

Dress When We Have No Forms, Miracle Clothes

Since everything you will difficult to retain only some clothes for you to dress according to your body. Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn … choose your references and copy unscrupulous! The real secret lies less in the clothes in the accessories: scarves and stoles flesh out the figure, chest or accumulated for necklaces highlight a slender neck. Same principle for the rushes wrist, bringing roundness without charge. Finally shoe side, the best friend of a skinny physique is the timeless ballerina: feminine, delicate and practical.

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