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Children’s Sunglasses Chilli Beans

Fashion designers make partnerships with companies to exalt their creations. It’s been so long that the sunglasses are no longer just a need for protection against the star King and his evil rays to vision and came to be seen as a piece that composes a visual look beautiful. And contrary to what many think, the kids can and should use these elements that are good for your health. Continue reading

13 Plus Size Men’s Fashion Tips

Here at El Hombre  we are always giving fitness tips for the guys to stay in shape. But sometimes, because of the daily rush, we end up skidding on food, forget about exercise-and then, when we realize it, there are the extra pounds in our belly, so easy to win and so hard to lose. Then paint the question: how to dress well being chubby?

If this is your dilemma, today we have assembled the 13 fashion tips for plus size men. Ultimately, the key is to bring balance and shape to your silhouette, with parts that give you an impression that you are “big” instead of “fat.” Continue reading

How to Wear Colorful Print

Fashion designer Holly Fulton reveals how best to wear bright colors and prints.

  1. Start with the basics

“If you’re not familiar with prints and geometric patterns, makes matching a skirt printed with a plain shirt or vice versa,” says Holly.

Try: “for a super stylish look, use a white men’s shirt with printed pants or skirt: you’ll have a nice contrast without exaggeration”.

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Epson Announces OLED Smartglasses the BT-300 c with Android 5.1

Epson announced at Mobile World Congress 2016 the third generation of smartglasses Moverio. The new model takes the name of the BT-300 and is proposed as a solution foraugmented reality. The product looks like a pair of sunglasses. Each lens has a matrix-OLED(Organic Light Silicon Diode or OLED silicon-based Editing) from 1280 x 720 pixel resolution “0.43. Epson has used white OLED with RGB color filters to convey the images on the lenses.As with the previous models you can view content in three dimensions.

Epson claims that the new model is lighter than their predecessors (the weight was reduced by 72%) and offers a visibly higher contrast ratio (something like 100,000:1), besides a larger gamut with superior color rendition. The glasses have connected the control unit (with touch pad) that also incorporates the “brain” of the smartglasses. The processor is an Intel Atom X 5 while the operating system is based on Android 5.1. Continue reading

The Sunglasses

They all wear the Stars they love. Divas like Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld and Elton John are without even hardly imaginable, and even the Pope has: the sunglasses. As an object of the 20th century it has become the head of all the fashionable accessories made. Here, their development began anything but shiny.

Whether as glare protection, masquerade, it-piece, fashion accessory or Workwear: The sunglasses cult. Some models are even as famous as many a film legend, such as Wayfarer in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the “Blues Brothers” or the Italian Persol at “James Bond”. The glare protection is one of the classics of canvas and has now become a fashion statement for everyone. However, this was not always so. For a long time were sunglasses as medical prostheses, which have been associated with poor eyesight, defective vision or morbid sensitivity to light.

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Versace: Sunglasses are Inspired by Alice

We said it a million times by now that this would be the spring-summer dedicated to fables, particularly that brought into the world Lewis Carroll, the artistic dad Alice in Sunglasseswill.com. Today, after one month after the movies of his ideal sequel to Alice in Wonderland directed by the visionary Tim Burton, fashion is totally conditioned by the myth of Alice, and the naive spirit of fairy tales and surreal characters that Alice meets in its path they have contaminated everything from jewelry to shoes, clothing. Why leave out the glasses then?

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