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App For iPhone: Mr. Porter Style Help

Smartphones are, without doubt, a great invention, but that would be theirs without apps that turn them into a real Swiss army knife? The application that lets you use the iPhone as a lantern to the consecrated Instagram, a multitude of options make each day, your cell phone more indispensable.

Always give a look at applications to fashion and, oddly enough, still had not this virtual shop Mr. Porter in my gadget, maybe because I’m worried about testing the other twenty-something (about fashion) I have installed. Continue reading

Galaxy Gear, the Smartwatch From Samsung

Since Syfy films of 50 years the man imagine creating a watch with the most modern features. In recent times, with technology evolving rapidly, many companies have worked to launch a accessory of this type that at least resembled the image that is already part of the popular imagination, one of them was the Samsung presented last Thursday (10/10) your newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear, with him the brand believes the user will gain freedom because you won’t have to check your smartphone constantly, since both will be connected and the Hi-Tech Watch will bring alerts than is necessary. Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane Android Smartwatch

Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

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WIKO Officially Announces U Feel U Feel Lite and Fever Special Edition

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the French writer Wiko officially announced the two new smartphones U Feel and U Feel Liteas well as a Special Edition of the already known Fever. Here are the specs of U Feel, a lower-middle-end device that should do fine figure in the price range of € 200; remarkable, perhaps even excessive, the presence of 3 GB of RAM.Interesting is the presence of a fingerprint scanner inside the Home button, located below the display “to iPhone/Galaxy”.

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Sony Xperia XA Ultra Official

No time to get to the heart of sales the new Xperia X launched the latest edition of MWC 2016, that there is already talk of the fourth device belonging always looking new range X, presented by a few hours from Sony as a phablet midrange.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra is the latest proposal of the Japanese producer that expands the new brand X to important dimensions, spotted earlier by any render leaving portend a successor to Xperia C5 Ultra, the rumor really weren’t that far from the final product, formalized as Xperia XA Ultra, and marked by a particularly large display and same design and refinement of the new range X. Continue reading

Xperia Z6 on the Horizon

When questioned on the issue by colleagues in XperiaBlog, Sony Mobile has officially confirmed the abandonment of the brand Xperia Z in favor of the new Xperia X. Sony showed that the main difference between the two marks about the philosophy behind them: with Xperia Z the aim was to offer the latest technology concentrated in a single product, while the Xperia series X points to propose multiple smart devices and balanced. Below we offer the complete answer:

“The Xperia Z line has reached its culmination – Xperia X series represents a new chapter and evolution of our product strategy. While the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across the room, battery performance and hardware/software design. “ Continue reading

Huawei P8 16GB Mystic Champagne

The Huawei P8 16gb Mystic Champagne we have introduced you to in a previous post a bit, to see even here presented Huawei P8 16gb mystic champagne . Meanwhile, we have taken the smartphone from Huawei detail under the microscope and report to you today about our experiences with the  P8.

Was made ​​possible us this test of Instyle Germany which action were 25 readers as part of the “Get your Style Phone” and we had to be chosen very fortunate as a tester. We have the Huawei P8 with our holiday Egypt taken and tested in this context the smartphone to all functions out comprehensively.

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The Camera of the Huawei P8

The camera is the highlight in our view, drawing the Huawei P8 from. By its resolution of 13 megapixels on the back and the 8 megapixel on the front but it is currently almost unbeatable. It provides pictures of excellent quality, which is partly due to the many technical features that has integrated the smart phone.

The following options for creating highly professional images are available:

Optical Image Stabilizer: this can remain permanently set and thus include blurred photos of the past.

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