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Replay and Its Campaign for This Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

No doubt Replay It is one of the brands that has managed to carve out a niche within the panorama of youthful and carefree fashion. His jeans delight more than one but has also achieved an incredible variety in fashion more carefree, with interesting proposals)Although nothing innovative) in the rest of items: t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and wrap for the autumn-winter. Continue reading

Magnus Carlsen and Liv Tyler in The New G – Star Raw Campaign

The firm G-Star Raw It has just launched what will be his next campaign for fall 2010 and winter 2011. To see the new collection, signature has decided to hire a LIV Tylor and the chess player Magnus Carlsen that it will represent the male and female garments respectively. The idea of choosing them for collection is none other that convey an ideal of beauty and intelligence (men sana in corpore healthy) joint. Continue reading

Collection, Chanel Cruise 2011 in St. Tropez

As every year at this time, many designers are released featuring invented collections to Pocket more money and increase its clientele. In all, almost without exception, that so little artistic and inspiring shopping craving can be seen. However, Karl Lagerfeld It is the exception to this rule. In their Cruise collections (collections presented during the spring to the summer of the following year) always manages to satisfy our needs and inspire us for the summer. On this occasion, the designer has gone to Saint-Tropez to demonstrate his genius. Continue reading

The Look: Short+Shirt

Hi girls,

Had a wave around in short-skirt asymmetrical and I (at the time) I bought this one… I remember as soon as I saw this shorts “weird” of tips-that wasn’t fashionable yet–I thought: it’s pretty neat, dresses well, but it’s kind of weird … I don’t know. It was no “passion at first sight”. lol but, I enjoyed a pink and I decided to buy! We women have this thing about buying a few pieces, dressing for “whatever” once or twice, playing in the back of my closet and forget there, isn’t it?! #tãoeu rs Continue reading

NFL Football Shirts:Where to Buy?

Americans are a unique people. When we think about sport, always comes to mind sports popular in the whole world as soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball etc, but the U.S. can, in addition to being good in these sports, have their own games, the NFL football the most popular. Despite the initial difficulty to understand, this sport is growing every day in number of fans and more and more Brazilians want to buy shirts of their times and idols and there is a question: where to buy NFL football shirts? Well, come to think of it we’re going to help you with some good options. Continue reading

Shorts Cut Off

Rescue those lost jeans in the closet and turn into cut-off shorts, summer bet

Do you know those old, forgotten jeans in the closet?It can gain a new look and be transformed into one of the trends for this summer.

The cut offs are a great bet for the season where shorts lead among the most used parts.Many celebrities have already joined the shorts cut off and are on the streets with looks to inspire. Continue reading

Bet Always the Third Piece of Clothing

Whenever we visualize a suit (call look or outfit, if you prefer) we focus on articles of clothing, footwear and accessories generally stay in the background, it’s not that they don’t mind, quite the contrary, but when we talk about the clothing that comes to mind first are shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, blazers, Bermuda and the like, the rest will arise during the process of choosing and if suiting. Continue reading