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Construction Guide: Building

It all starts with a good foundation. That’s why we made ​​a practical selection of blocks and bricks that can be found and budgeted by our site. Discover the ideal material for the masonry of your project.

Cement Block Leaky

Composed of blowing agents, water, lime and, of course, cement. It is mainly used in the execution of walls, for its strength, durability and ease of application.

Size: 9 x 19 x 39 cm.

Price: The unit costs $ 1.55 and installation per square meter: R $ 20.56.

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New Collection Kiko

The new collection of Kiko, Midnight Siren, offers a make up the glow of the Moon and metallic highlights to an ethereal yet intriguing look. The skin is smoother and more radiant, eyes deep with a touch of radiance, the lips velvety.

Midnight Siren is the new collection of Kiko meant to look Ethereal and Lunar, full of light and metallic sheen. The complexion is radiant and free of imperfections, smooth skin is sublimated by reflective micro-soft focus effect. Light for eyes that are dressed in bright colors to impact “wet” mind your lips are opaque (velvet).

Let us see the various products in the collection.

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