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Pull and Bear Just Denim!: This Summer Put Jeans All Your Looks

It will certainly be for you a well known campaign If you have not followed regularly, because already we told you about it some time ago in Mensencia, but we finally have all the images in one of the most strong and regular campaigns of This season of the Pull and Bear Despite the fact that we are already getting full in the summer, it can serve us to choose or take an idea for an impromptu holiday look. Continue reading

The Carrot Pants Come Back

Are carrot pants not a case for the bathroom key party?

We do not enjoy the best reputation, we admit it. Typical features of the carrot pants : super-high seat in the waist, tapered at the thighs and direction ankle narrow(like a carrot flat).  When we browse through old photo albums at home, we discover them on photos from the eighties on Mama-and on Papa! At that time liked in moonwashed look and in combination with headbands and achselshirts in neon colors. Carrot trousers are considered to be unfavorable , precisely because they are just bouncing, where we are often wider, in fact, on the hips and thighs. But we can look forward to seeing this form again more frequently. After the hype around the Wedgie of Levi’s last year, the even more extreme carrot is now the focus. The revived pants form from the spring/summer collection by Isabel Marant was especially celebrated. Continue reading

Sweatsuit+White=Winter Combo

Yesterday there was a story with my humble participation in Veja São Paulo. In it, I talked about how the SWEATSUIT (which, in the last season of parades shone on the runways), can be a great option for those who enjoy a estilinho hi-lo. For those who want to take a look at the full article, simply click here. But then I decided to take the idea of sweater, and take you to the latest instances in this Monday. First, I decided that the upper part of the SWEATSUIT was easy. Hard was leaving mounted using a pair of sweats. Then, I decided to join the SWEATSUIT with the biggest trend this winter: the white chic. Continue reading

Thai Maternity Pants Are Comfortable and Modern

Dress with style in pregnancy, without losing the warmth that every pregnant woman seeks in this special moment of her life

Pregnancy is a time of changes in the body and mind of every woman.And this also directly influences the way of dressing.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to neglect the visual, on the contrary, the pregnant woman can and should look for alternatives that match her silhouette and make her feel good during the nine months of gestation.With good taste and harmony, everything can serve well in a pregnant woman. Continue reading

Bet Always the Third Piece of Clothing

Whenever we visualize a suit (call look or outfit, if you prefer) we focus on articles of clothing, footwear and accessories generally stay in the background, it’s not that they don’t mind, quite the contrary, but when we talk about the clothing that comes to mind first are shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, blazers, Bermuda and the like, the rest will arise during the process of choosing and if suiting. Continue reading

13 Plus Size Men’s Fashion Tips

Here at El Hombre  we are always giving fitness tips for the guys to stay in shape. But sometimes, because of the daily rush, we end up skidding on food, forget about exercise-and then, when we realize it, there are the extra pounds in our belly, so easy to win and so hard to lose. Then paint the question: how to dress well being chubby?

If this is your dilemma, today we have assembled the 13 fashion tips for plus size men. Ultimately, the key is to bring balance and shape to your silhouette, with parts that give you an impression that you are “big” instead of “fat.” Continue reading

7 Tips Of Male Belts To Buy Online

Belts are the ideal accessories to give the finishing look, your absence causes a certain estrangement in some looks and, in addition, they say a lot about your style and the way you relate to the fashion.

Custom Leather Belt

You can choose the design printed on the leather and have their initials on a metal plate, the fittings are basic and good size. For those who want a custom piece is a good option. Continue reading