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Concrete Story House

There are 380 km from Tokyo, the island of Amami Oshima receives a project that adds the concrete purism with family life, signed by Matsuyama Architects and Associates.

Read the post for details and visit the gallery above, with design diagrams.

In a busy neighborhood, comes this story house of concrete, designed for a family of 5.

The facade has a special retreat of the track, while allowing transparency between internal and external spaces through a glass panel.

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Construction Guide: Building

It all starts with a good foundation. That’s why we made ​​a practical selection of blocks and bricks that can be found and budgeted by our site. Discover the ideal material for the masonry of your project.

Cement Block Leaky

Composed of blowing agents, water, lime and, of course, cement. It is mainly used in the execution of walls, for its strength, durability and ease of application.

Size: 9 x 19 x 39 cm.

Price: The unit costs $ 1.55 and installation per square meter: R $ 20.56.

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10 Amazing Designs Using Wood and Glass

Be it rustic or minimalist, wood and glass combination can be the perfect formula for a successful project.

Meet the following 10 amazing projects of architecture that unite wood and glass:

Alfred Street Residence | Studio Four

Melbourne, Australia

An old Victorian house was renovated by the studio and became a clean house. The choice of materials such as glass and oak wood was intentional to enlarge environments, since the first promotes greater input light. Furthermore, the palette of bright colors would help strengthen this feeling.

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