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Magical Boudoir Shooting: Christina Grjasin

Of the right wedding dress, we all dream of girls, and this dream, of course, does not stop at the wedding. Wedding dresses are always a mirror of the time we live in, and at the same time there is hardly anything so personal and individual. If the dress hangs after a long period of thinking and looking in the closet, the next question is: what is to be worn underneath? Of course you can always afford beautiful lingerie, but for the wedding it is again a special purchase. So why not bring the beautiful lingerie in front of the lens and also create a dreamlike memory for yourself, the future husband and the grandchildren? Continue reading

How to Dress According to Body Shape?

Knowing its morphology is essential to choose clothes that show off!For years we hear the high priestess of the makeover Christina Cordula tell women they are A, X, H … It is time to know that you are also bypassing the TV box. See our special guide!

Define Your Morphology

There are 5 types of different silhouettes. Women in the morphology 8 (or X) have very marked size and arched and shoulders in alignment hips. Those in A (pyramid) were fine bust and wide hips like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez! If you have square shoulders and thin legs, you’re a V, also called inverted triangle. Many women are H (rectangle), shoulders and hips are aligned, and slightly marked size! Finally, there is the morphology O for curvy women. To know what your type of morphology is relatively simple! Stand in front of a mirror in underwear (or with clothes close to the body) and note which parts of your body are wider and thinner! The ideal is to focus on the hips, shoulders and waist. Looking body contours and not volumes! Whatever the verdict, you did not have complexes and the key is to accept.

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How to Dress If You Are Short

You cap in the sixty meter? Do not worry, you’re not alone. No way to complex, no question of depriving: we learn to dress to showcase what we are, rather than what we want to be … or cheat intelligently with the right clothes!

Dress When One Is Small, the Miracle Clothes

The secret is not a: gain height is the specialty of heels. You are small? All styles are allowed! Adapt pumps to your body … and your ability to walk with. For XXL legs, think heels with shoes or platform shoes. Hand clothes, your best ally is the dress, able to dress all body style. Opt for short models to highlight your legs, without demarcation between the top and bottom. Finally, go on high sizes! Skirt or pants, your legs are gaining height.

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How to Dress If You Are Skinny?

Liana legs, a girl’s bust size and a slightly marked: while some would pay to get rid of their forms, dress their absence is not necessarily easier. You struggle to emphasize your femininity, learn how to finally tame your skinny physique and play better with your clothes!

Dress When We Have No Forms, Miracle Clothes

Since everything you will difficult to retain only some clothes for you to dress according to your body. Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn … choose your references and copy unscrupulous! The real secret lies less in the clothes in the accessories: scarves and stoles flesh out the figure, chest or accumulated for necklaces highlight a slender neck. Same principle for the rushes wrist, bringing roundness without charge. Finally shoe side, the best friend of a skinny physique is the timeless ballerina: feminine, delicate and practical.

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