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Samsung Circular Smartwatch

Samsung wants to do things right this time with his rumored “Orbis” and is perfected design

The situation in the coming months on the market smartwatch promises, because with the Apple Watch just around the corner, we’re about to really find out whether this 2015 will be “the year of the smartwatch” as some predicted or so otherwise we will have to keep waiting. Many players have already shown their-Apple, LG, Pebble and Huawei- letters, although we miss especially one in particular: where are you, Samsung?

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Hyundai app for Android

Controlling our car from the Smartwatch is now a reality thanks to the Hyundai app for Android Wear

The future we will use our smartwatch is yet to be written, however, and begins to glimpse the path that until recently we sounded like science fiction. As we saw in the past CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai announced it would launch the Blue Link app for Android Wear from users of any of the compatible vehicles with this technology could control some functions of your vehicle.

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LG Watch Urbane Android Smartwatch

Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

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Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone: This App Will Help

Selfie here, snapshot here: Time grows the photo collection on your Smartphone and blocked the memory. But only a fraction of the photos is really nice. To sort out the images grains by hand sucks and takes too much time. Workaround is to create the app Gallery doctor. We have tested them.

Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone This App Will Help

Immediately after installation, doctor starts the gallery a first analysis of the photos on your Smartphone. Would you about take out a specific images folder – WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter – it, you must remove only the respective hook in the three-point menu under “Custom scan”. Then, the app presents you the results. Among other things sorted in “bad photos”, which were recognized as blurred or over – and under-exposed and “similar photos”, showing the same scene twice. Land other than well-rated pictures in “photos Preview”. Moreover, I saw on my Smartphone still “long videos”, “Assessing WhatsApp photos” and “Screenshots”.

No panic: Automatically delete doctor but no pictures gallery. You must accept the proposals still in the respective folder and you can delete all bad and double photos on a slip. I however advise to delete unchecked as bad or double marked photos. Because the app sets other standards as a person. You must once again go through the proposals anyway, and remove any photos that you want to keep from the deletion list. Nevertheless worth in my opinion the views on the app screened shots, because doctor encouraged pictures for days, I could delete the gallery but in the great Gallery long would scroll must.

Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone This App Will Help-2

Tindern Through The Gallery

The second way with Gallery to delete doctor photos, reminiscent of the dating app Tinder. You sorted but not potential life partners, but the images on your smartphone into usable and unusable. With a swipe to the right – or a click on the green thumb upward – keep the photo displayed. A swipe to the left – or a click on the Red thumb lowered down and the app deletes the image. A side effect of this selection method: Gallery doctor learns which photos you like and adapt its proposals. You take up as many low or high key images, the corresponding recordings no longer land after some time in the “bad photos”.

Gallery is available for iOS and Android doctor. Even if both version work, there is a not unimportant difference: In the play store, the application is free, you pay 2.99 Euro in Apple’s app store.