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Collection, Chanel Cruise 2011 in St. Tropez

As every year at this time, many designers are released featuring invented collections to Pocket more money and increase its clientele. In all, almost without exception, that so little artistic and inspiring shopping craving can be seen. However, Karl Lagerfeld It is the exception to this rule. In their Cruise collections (collections presented during the spring to the summer of the following year) always manages to satisfy our needs and inspire us for the summer. On this occasion, the designer has gone to Saint-Tropez to demonstrate his genius. Continue reading

Swedish Men’s Fashion’s Most Powerful

When Manolo for the first time interviewed Örjan Andersson in March 2005 had Örjan just found a bathroom in a friend’s room for making your own screen printing. Just over four years later, Vidyasagar project Weekday with Cheap Monday had been bought by H & M, reached international success to today sold in approximately 30 countries. Now has also been appointed as Mr Örjan Swedish fashion’s most powerful person of the King.
“It has gone very quickly. But has also been a lot of fun. I still remember that bathroom. It was super cool to do any screenprinting myself even if it was a bit awkward to have to take a break whenever someone had to go to the bathroom. Today it is a little easier, says Örjan Andersson. Continue reading

We Love the Sweater Dress-and So You Style It

The sweater dress is probably one of the best styling pieces for autumn / winter. It is long cut and so not only warms the upper body, but also a part of the legs and thighs.  In addition, it usually leaves room for layers, that is for the warming onellook. It can be worn versatile to thick pantyhose, leggings or jeans. We show you three ways to combine the cool trend-piece: Continue reading

Thai Maternity Pants Are Comfortable and Modern

Dress with style in pregnancy, without losing the warmth that every pregnant woman seeks in this special moment of her life

Pregnancy is a time of changes in the body and mind of every woman.And this also directly influences the way of dressing.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to neglect the visual, on the contrary, the pregnant woman can and should look for alternatives that match her silhouette and make her feel good during the nine months of gestation.With good taste and harmony, everything can serve well in a pregnant woman. Continue reading

Fake Clothing

I have begun to look more and more for nice jeans on auction sites such as ebay, eBay, block etc. It’s the most RMC and Evisu I check after. What I wonder is if there is any way you can check if the article is genuine. I have found a number of pages with RMC pants for only 95 dollars and on eBay to buy Evisu for under a thousand patches that seemingly are original (with tags, etc). Think it’s strange that Evisu has zipper? Continue reading