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Lighted Headset Changes Color and Lets You Share Music

Product promises five million color combination.

Have you thought about changing the colors of your headphones at any time?The US company Wearhaus has launched a product that promises this feature. Wearhaus Beam In-Ear Headphones are customized with illuminated rings that can have their colors changed through an iOS (iPhone) and Android application. Continue reading

9 Tips to Do When the Iphone Falls in the Water

Did your iPhone fall into the water? No need to panic! This does not necessarily mean a death sentence for your smart phone. Depending on the level of damage caused, it is possible to completely recover your device.

However, it takes agility to deal with the problem and also intelligence: one of the most important points is to avoid using the device soon after it has occurred. The process of recovering your cell phone involves ways to eliminate all the liquid from the outside and inside. The longer the water stays in contact with the components of the smart phone, the harder it will be to recover it completely. Continue reading

App For iPhone: Mr. Porter Style Help

Smartphones are, without doubt, a great invention, but that would be theirs without apps that turn them into a real Swiss army knife? The application that lets you use the iPhone as a lantern to the consecrated Instagram, a multitude of options make each day, your cell phone more indispensable.

Always give a look at applications to fashion and, oddly enough, still had not this virtual shop Mr. Porter in my gadget, maybe because I’m worried about testing the other twenty-something (about fashion) I have installed. Continue reading

WIKO Officially Announces U Feel U Feel Lite and Fever Special Edition

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the French writer Wiko officially announced the two new smartphones U Feel and U Feel Liteas well as a Special Edition of the already known Fever. Here are the specs of U Feel, a lower-middle-end device that should do fine figure in the price range of € 200; remarkable, perhaps even excessive, the presence of 3 GB of RAM.Interesting is the presence of a fingerprint scanner inside the Home button, located below the display “to iPhone/Galaxy”.

Continue reading

Bypassing a Fingerprint Scanner?

We usually consider a fingerprint scanner like the evolution of password, “because it’s more convenient” and “because it’s safer.” But is it really so? During the Mobile World Congress 2016, CEO of Chinese company Vkansee did much talked about moving beyond the Touch ID an iPhone simply “replicating” your fingerprint on some pongo (era of Play-Doh, more malleable and soft regular pongo) and passing it on to the scanner. It didn’t work the first time around, but after a few tries the device it is unlocked.

To clarify, that the device in question was an iPhone or any other terminal would make little difference. The technology of fingerprint scanner is more or less similar. Continue reading

Selfy: Selfie Remote for iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5

2014 is the year of Selfies – Selfy has arrived just at the right. On the back of the case a detachable remote control is attached, with which your also from a distance can press the trigger of the Smartphone camera. The whole thing works pretty simple and as of itself, without additional apps.

At the latest since the famous Oscar Selfie, which host Ellen DeGeneres brought a Twitter record with sheer celebrity power, self portraits are with Smartphone cameras on everyone’s lips. As some stars and Smartphone manufacturer, wants with swim also iLuv creative technology on the Selfie shaft and presents the appropriate accessories to the popular ego snapshot with Selfy.

Protective Case with Bluetooth Remote Control

Selfy is only a cover. But, a small remote control is embedded on the back of not necessarily thin accessories. This connects you in the Setup menu via Bluetooth to your Smartphone or Tablet – and already, you can use the remote controller for snapshots, without having to hold your photo unit in your hand. Selfy not on self portraits is of course limited, but this purpose is quite close. Selfie enthusiasts could complain, however, that practical accessories takes the photos a piece of her typical character – about the almost forcibly in the image to arm that stretches out the Smartphone from the photographer and subject.

The case for Selfie photographer is available in pink or black color for the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, as well as iPhone 5 and 5; There are the protective case for iPad air and iPad mini only in black, but with fold-out stand. The Smartphone versions of Selfy cost you on the Web page of the manufacturer $49.99 each, while 20 or 30 dollars more are estimated for the cases for iPad mini and iPad air.

iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6: The Cameras Compared

How much better is the camera the iPhone 6 iPhone 6 s compared to its predecessor? To test this, we were on the streets of Hamburg.

iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6 The Cameras Compared-1

A “State of the art sensor, a new image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, focus pixels and optimized local tone mapping”. Apple promises a lot for the iPhone 6s, the aperture is unaltered f2. 2. The camera has become not will thus. The optical image stabilizer plus is still only in the iPhone 6 s and is available now for video recordings available. Remains at the iPhone 6s it in an automatic, or better said digital image stabilizer. Also notable changes are live photos, 4K-Videos, panoramic shots with 63 instead of 43 mega pixels and a display that lights up when Selfies as a flash light. These are the new features. But how does this affect the image quality of the new camera in everyday life? This we have been on the road with the old and the new iPhone in the streets of Hamburg.

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iPhone 7: Dual Camera With Optical Zoom Is Likely

The iPhone 7 could get a camera with two lenses: the star analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has recently from investors to the features of the next top Smartphones from Cupertino expressed. Therefore, the device due to its photo features to impress.

The dual camera in the phone 7 should be based on technology, the Apple gets from its longtime supplier, Sony, AppleInsider reports. Both sensors of the camera are designed to provide a resolution of 12 MP. The a sensor to support optical image stabilization, while the other for the two triple zoom is responsible. Plus, Apple has introduced the optical image stabilization with the iPhone 6; optical zoom in an iPhone would be new ground, however, for the company. The iPhone should be able to change depending on the environment conditions between the two camera sensors.

Only In The “iPhone 7 Plus Deluxe”?

As Kuo revealed before the investors, this supposed iPhone 7 in three versions: as a normal execution, as iPhone 7 plus and as a kind of iPhone 7 plus Deluxe. The latter variant only have the dual camera, while the direct successors of iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6 s plus is a lens, must come out. So far, it is unclear whether even the simple versions of the iPhone 7 optical zoom have.

Already in November 2015, there were rumors that Apple iPhone 7 with a dual camera could equip. Beginning of January 2016 this rumor was awarded new food than a corresponding patent from Apple found its way to the public. The announcement that there will be three versions of the Smartphone is now new. It will show up whether will verify Kuos predictions in this point – and offer them for which Preis Apple iPhone 7 plus with dual camera.

iPhone 7 Dual Camera With Optical Zoom Is Likely

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Coming to Android in October

The popular games have been available on the iPhone and iPad for over a month, now it comes also for Android.

The long-awaited sequel to the puzzle hit of 2009 come finally for Android. The game was released for iPhone and iPad on 15 august but no word on when it might be expected to Android.

The message came from gaming since Polygon who referred to an unnamed source, but someone who was close to the game. Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be free to download, but with paid content as a different plantestrukture to protect against the zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 set record for EA and the App store, on the first five days took the game first place as the best game in 137 countries and got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Apple Torture: iPhone 5 C Against iPhone 5S in the Drop Test?

The question is whether the plastic is better than metal, when the iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S meet each other in a drop test.

Every time new smartphones coming on the street, they will be tested from A-Z by both experts and by all kinds of users.

At our site we also test new smartphones, and here you have got in the habit of carrying out unscientific, drop tests, that will display device durability by fall on hard surfaces.

In this test, the people have chosen to test Apple’s two newest products iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c.

Thus, it should be possible to see if iPhone 5 c with the plastic wrapping is more resilient, a top model iPhone 5S with metal cover when it comes to drop from chest height.