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Lighted Headset Changes Color and Lets You Share Music

Product promises five million color combination.

Have you thought about changing the colors of your headphones at any time?The US company Wearhaus has launched a product that promises this feature. Wearhaus Beam In-Ear Headphones are customized with illuminated rings that can have their colors changed through an iOS (iPhone) and Android application. Continue reading

Athletic and Unbound – the Wireless Headset By ISY

Wired headphones are sometimes an obstacle at the sport . Either you “moved” the cable somehow awkwardly under the clothes of the Smartphone or MP3 player to the ears, or it dangles before a funny here. Much more convenient it is with Bluetooth wireless headphones. The prerequisite for this is of course, that the playback device supports Bluetooth. Recently ISY has provided two of their headsets me testing available. Continue reading

Beats Stops Cooperation with HTC

Beats Audio buys the remaining shares back from HTC for 265 million dollars and thus stops the cooperation.

Headphone manufacturer Beats buying the remaining 25 percent of their shares back from HTC and thus put an end to cooperation.

HTC tells that the Beats still will be an important partner, but doesn’t tell more about what consequences the breach gets. It is therefore unknown whether the Beats branding HTC has had will continue.
HTC is currently fighting a brave battle to have turned things around and created a surplus in the pub, on the other hand, storming forward and Beats have barely 60 percent of the market for premium headphones in the United States.