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Magnus Carlsen and Liv Tyler in The New G – Star Raw Campaign

The firm G-Star Raw It has just launched what will be his next campaign for fall 2010 and winter 2011. To see the new collection, signature has decided to hire a LIV Tylor and the chess player Magnus Carlsen that it will represent the male and female garments respectively. The idea of choosing them for collection is none other that convey an ideal of beauty and intelligence (men sana in corpore healthy) joint. Continue reading

Size Sewn with Mabro in

Personal choice of fabric and model with a perfect fit. The arguments for letting måttsy a suit is not very difficult to understand. But what exactly is the difference between the various manufacturers and what is important to keep in mind for it to become law. Manolo caters to Italian kostymspecialisten Mabro to in a two-part article series to figure out how to måttsy and try to sew up a suit. Continue reading