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Mix of Prints

Harmony and modernity are characteristic of the project of the architect Eliana de Sousa. Upon request of the family-a couple and a grown daughter–the highlights of the room are the sober tones and striking geometric pattern on the fabric seat tropicalized mixed. This is a good combination when you want to highlight an object and neutralize the rest of the environment. “The prints should always have a color in common, such as the Eggplant present in bedspread, pillows and deep in the tropical print; black and white are already classics that combine with any other color, since that is punctuated at some objects”, Eliana gives the hint. The planned joinery is a cost-effective solution, because it takes advantage of the space without waste and facilitates movement. The use of white on the desk, in the role of the wall behind the bed, in cupboards and wood on the ground give sophistication and breadth to the room. Continue reading

Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Anchor the bathroom in his time while preserving the original character of the space!

Thoughtful and scrupulous renovation work were able to restore all its splendor to this small bathroom located in a House dating back to the 1930s. Under the eye of Emmanuel and Odile, the owners of the premises, the interior decorator Céline Pansieri has succeeded in transforming this old-fashioned in a space aesthetic, ergonomic and functional bathroom . Redesigned with taste in a retro style, the room becomes a privileged place where it is good to take time to take care of yourself.

Area: 6 m²
Budget: € 6,000

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Minimalist Decoration – Origin, Tips and Inspirations

Minimalist decoration is one of the main decoration trends around the world, and currently guides the production of interior designers.After all, how good is an environment that has air circulation, relaxing, everything with breadth and practicality, is not it?

Here are some tips for a minimalist decoration, from where this trend emerged and how to decorate your home with a minimalist and modern look. Continue reading

Lasting Gifts To The Wedding

Yeah I know you all are actually just as wildly busy to get Christmas gifts, Christmas celebrations and markets to visit and to plaster cookies. Traditionally rather the time to plan his wedding!That’s why is this post more to friends and relatives. If you just thought about Christmas gifts for the bride and groom, then you can waste Yes sometimes one two thought of it sort of thing then could be given this bride and groom to the wedding. Good organization is all not true 😉 And the early bird and so… Continue reading

Tips for Decorating Small Bedroom

Decorating and organizing an environment for two people are not easy tasks. Now doing this in a small environment is more complicated still. However, there is nothing impossible in the world of decoration. For this reason, find here the best ideas about decorating small bedroom. Learn how to use the available space and decorate the environment in the right way.

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Sierra Furniture in Paraguay

When it comes to Paraguay, the first thought that comes to mind for most people is: place to buy swag! Hahahahaha … isn’t it? But if you think so, probably not have accompanied the Luxury Feeling.  It’s been a long time since the neighboring country has been source of many cool diquinhas here on the blog! And guess where we were stopped last weekend? We hit the road and once again we set off towards the land of Paraguayan soup … kkkkk … more precisely the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, which borders Mato Grosso do Sul. Love saracutiar by this big world out there!  In fact, we were invited by the architect Kamila Reichardt, owner of Space Home, to participate of the launch party of the collection fragments of sierra furniture. The Space Home from dictfurniture.com is a furniture and decoration that stands in the centre of Pedro Juan Caballero and from now becomes the exclusive representative of sierra furniture in Paraguay. Gentyyy … you have no idea how this store is lindaaa … we we had no idea that the other side of the border it was possible to find a place like this, so organized and filled with wonderful pieces, chic and amazing quality. We were delighted and passionate, not to mention the party top what happened there!

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How to Organize Your Closet

Then get the closet organizers. Meet these accessories.

A closet or dream wardrobe is one in which the clothes are always well prepared and shoes and accessories are kept in order. What fulfill well this task are the closet organizers. Learn more about these accessories:

Plastic box for shoes: in addition to leaving the shoes always clean and more maintained, the case protects them from moisture and other debris. The translucent model also allows you to find the pairs of shoes more easily.

Shoe organizer: in it, you can store several pairs of shoes, because the product has several compartments. Some have plastic version in transparent, which allow you to find your shoes more easily. It is available in various sizes and color options.

Dividing drawer: with this product, items like socks and underwear are separated for easier viewing of each. Continue reading

Organized Room and Organized Life

Hangers and racks are found in various formats.

A well decorated house loses all the charm if the rooms are messy, is not it? Accessories such as hangers and racks are great examples of wildcard parts that help you organize and make even the most practical environments. Knowing the importance of these aids, we separated the characteristics of parts and provides with unbeatable prices. Enjoy!


Are to store t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, are to organize ties, belts and bags, the hangers can not miss in your wardrobe or closet. They are found with different amounts of media and have varying widths and heights so you can purchase the accessory in the most appropriate size for your space. To match the decor, select from acrylic versions, plastic, steel or wood. There are also several colors and models in children’s classes, adult, rotating, multi-function, among others. Continue reading