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Flashlight Head Light Tactical Infrared Camping Light

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Keep your hands free during any outdoor activity. The light sensor, besides giving the practicality to keep in action without occupying the hands, has exclusive infrared sensor, that turns on or off the flashlight quickly when the hands are dirty or when their hands are occupied. It features an XPE 120 high-intensity white LED for front illumination and a low-intensity red LED for directional light. It has white static light, and static red light and SOS. It has manual focus adjustment, lighting angle adjustment, plus an adjustable elastic strap for the best possible fixation on the user’s head. It is fully rechargeable, via USB-AC cable, being powered by 3 NI-MH batteries. It has IPX5 resistance to rain, being ideal for activities such as fishing, cycling, trekking, camping, and even climbing. Continue reading

LED Bike Lights for Mountain Biking

Passing through mountain biking until the city bike, your two wheels must be equipped obligatorily with 2 lights: a light yellow or white at the front and a red light to the rear. Several solutions exist to be seen and to see bike. Here is a method to choose his fire according to his need.

Choose a fire according to the brightness

What light power to choose?

The lumen (lm) is the unit of measure of the effectiveness of the light, which is the amount of energy emitted by a source in the form of light radiation. As the lux, it also measures the effectiveness of the light but per unit area.

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Spinning Bikes for Exercise

A very popular group classes at many gyms are spinning or indoor cycling or called RPM. This state of sport in the music provides a fun and varied workout that is great to build and burn fat condition.

What is spinning?

The verb? spin?? means very quickly turn; Sport spinning means that your legs do a lot of laps on a special coach-type bike. You ride a program, standing or sitting, to music. Especially in spin cycle:

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Outdoor Shoes

Boots are rugged women’s shoes , which in addition to a non-slip sole also water resistant outer material.Since in the 80s leisure activities in the great outdoors including hiking, climbing or cycling, for many were interesting again, this brought the development of outdoor shoes on a large scale ahead with great speed. Boots today range from children’s shoes up to the special climbing shoe and the market offers ample selection of brand quality. Women’s shoes are available in the range, for example, as boots, trekking sandals or walking shoes.

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12 Clothing and Equipment Tips for Winter Cycling

Bike culture: increasing numbers continuing to ride the bike all winter. Here you will find our best tips for correct armament, and the entire list of the most popular winter accessories.

More than ever who choose to extend their cykelpendlande into the cold and the dark part of the year. One fifth of Sweden’s population report that they are using the bike during the winter.

When the insurance company If asked how to choose to equip their bike for the winter, it turned out that sadelmuffen is the most popular accessory, 31 percent to sell such outside his saddle. 28 percent of winter cyclists say they use extra lighting. And on a shared 3rd place comes studded tires and reflectors. Continue reading