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Look Bodybuilding or Basic Running

Whether it’s in the gym or on the street, the first step to choosing the look is to take comfort into account.  Wearing a top in the right size and with ideal support for running, for example, ends up influencing the training. It’s very simple: you do not have to worry about pulling your clothes to one side or the other and you will not feel pain in the end. So here’s the question: how to choose the fitness look: by trend, by sport, by your body type or all together? Continue reading

Male Academy Clothing: 5 Tips to Get Dressed for Practice

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Look, I always get here in the male Fashion for comment, via email, on the channel, several questions of you about Male Academy clothing, fashion Fitness, what to wear, Male Looks for tips go to the gym, anyway! It’s about time to post something about it, right? But, as always, something uncomplicated and straightforward, so you catch easily without complication. Porting bora pro post view, in particular, the 5 Tips in Gym clothes for men?  Continue reading