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4 Ideas to Show Off Your Summer Dress in September

If you still still want to show off your beautiful in September summer dress, that has you completely crazy, takes note of these ideas of streetstyle for some perfect Spring looks.

The most obvious alternative: with a cardigan. Mix colors or respects the tones of the dress, tdo depends on how daring you are and what you like risk. That Yes, play with accessories, such as seat belts, necklaces,… Attention to the handbags type on, a minitendencia that must not lose sight of. I’ve seen similar sales of Funs & Basics. Continue reading

Chunky Knit Cardigans

It may be that the the cardigans and jackets point will be a quite forgotten garment for our part and fashion brands, but is one of the most useful and versatile. For winter and autumn they are indispensable for coarse and fine point. They are long, with draped, with waterfall effect and soft point. You can combine them with all kinds of clothes: shirts and jeans, a dress or a miniskirt. Continue reading

How to Dress Well for Woman?

It makes us the eye in stores (and magazines), yet it is hard to dare … The combination is back this year is the opportunity for us to tell you how to wear this decidedly feminine clothing.

Womens Combination Why I Finally Dares Wear

The woman combination is an outfit that is not always easy to wear and who returns in cycles, in our shopping desires. Clothing day evening, summer and winter, it comes in an infinite number of designs and cuts. What inevitably find yours! Recently, we have seen reappear on the catwalks and in box, where it changes the robe. Original and elegant, the woman combination has that little I do not know what that makes us feel much safer after us. Larger, thinner, younger: the combi acts like a face lift! In fact, it is the equivalent of the little black dress. It puts it, and if it’s good, it’s already 50% of the work done! It remains for you to do the rest …

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