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Concessionaire Lends Bicycle to Those Who Leave Car in Maintenance

Have you ever imagined taking the car to pack and get out pedaling? This was the idea implanted by Glauco Fiorante, commercial director of a concessionaire in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. At the store, customers who leave the car for maintenance have the option of borrowing a bike to return home or stroll through the city. Continue reading

Spinning Bikes for Exercise

A very popular group classes at many gyms are spinning or indoor cycling or called RPM. This state of sport in the music provides a fun and varied workout that is great to build and burn fat condition.

What is spinning?

The verb? spin?? means very quickly turn; Sport spinning means that your legs do a lot of laps on a special coach-type bike. You ride a program, standing or sitting, to music. Especially in spin cycle:

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Barn Bike Shorts

Children bike shorts is a great addition to your child’s wardrobe, the families are prepared every year for popular outdoor activities such as horseback riding and sporting events.

Why Purchase Kids Bike Shorts?

Children bike shorts is accessible, affordable and comfortable alternative to jeans and other funds of clothes that do not move easily during activity. Works great to see the modesty of young girls when worn under a dress or a skirt, and add support in the lower body of the children participating in the competitions.

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