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Bershka: Full Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

It is not my signature favorite when choosing menswear. And I’m not referring by the multitude of prejudices that arise with Bershka and masculine/androgynous clothes, but because I believe that he offers nothing new with respect to other brands, while you can always get some interesting set of all the mixture and, as always, ideas to renew our wardrobe and our look. Continue reading

7 Tips Of Male Belts To Buy Online

Belts are the ideal accessories to give the finishing look, your absence causes a certain estrangement in some looks and, in addition, they say a lot about your style and the way you relate to the fashion.

Custom Leather Belt

You can choose the design printed on the leather and have their initials on a metal plate, the fittings are basic and good size. For those who want a custom piece is a good option. Continue reading

How to Dress If You Are Tall?

You blithely exceed the sixty-three meter average French? You may be proud … and learn to choose your clothes to love your body! Because dress when you come out of standard may require a little imagination, follow some simple tips and rediscover the pleasure of being great.

Dress When One Is High, the Miracle Clothes

An infallible ally? The pants. It emphasizes the length of your legs, while lending itself to endless variations in height. Skirts and long dresses also adorn the large, curved version for stress, widened to erase … without forgetting the famous ballerina, able to accommodate your toes in comfort and without additional centimeters. One more tip: you will overlays perfectly, accumulate without blushing thicknesses and lengths vary or patterns!

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How to Dress If You Are Short

You cap in the sixty meter? Do not worry, you’re not alone. No way to complex, no question of depriving: we learn to dress to showcase what we are, rather than what we want to be … or cheat intelligently with the right clothes!

Dress When One Is Small, the Miracle Clothes

The secret is not a: gain height is the specialty of heels. You are small? All styles are allowed! Adapt pumps to your body … and your ability to walk with. For XXL legs, think heels with shoes or platform shoes. Hand clothes, your best ally is the dress, able to dress all body style. Opt for short models to highlight your legs, without demarcation between the top and bottom. Finally, go on high sizes! Skirt or pants, your legs are gaining height.

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How to Dress If You Are Chubby?

The average size of French women is not 36 but 42. … You are part of these morphologies in shape and form? heart stroke accessories, look tricks, smart materials or magical sections, learn how to celebrate your body without forgetting fashion!

Dress When One Is Round, the Miracle Clothes

Yes, they exist! These clothes are able to dress all body round, almost without discomfort. Go for the high waist pants for a nicer, curvy hips and buttocks: avoid too wide forms and if your thighs complexed you combine a long top with a slim shape. Side skirts, long skirts, trapeze skirt fluid or pencil skirt are your friends. Flexible shirts and long tunics will not you ever let down, plain or printed. The glamor of the dress portfolio, meanwhile, wears round beauty for decades. Finally, think about accessories! Dare chunky jewelry, emphasize your waist sashes or your finer hips.

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How to Dress a Banana Shaped Figure?

Large or small, your shoulders are in alignment with your hips and your waist is not marked? Welcome to the club rectangles! Relax, this is a type of single morphology to feminize, just to avoid the androgynous style, provided of dressing following some codes. To feminize your online, follow our advice and some way for morphology silhouettes H.

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How to Wear Colorful Print

Fashion designer Holly Fulton reveals how best to wear bright colors and prints.

  1. Start with the basics

“If you’re not familiar with prints and geometric patterns, makes matching a skirt printed with a plain shirt or vice versa,” says Holly.

Try: “for a super stylish look, use a white men’s shirt with printed pants or skirt: you’ll have a nice contrast without exaggeration”.

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Different Types of Bags for Different Occasions

Pouch bag, box or baguette? When that bag fits best and what is so special about each individual, you read here in our practical lexicon for bag lovers!


The name says it: This handbag is the perfect companion for every shopping tour. Since it is larger and more spacious than most handbags, provides plenty of space for shopping and everything you need for the day. Even for a weekend trip it may be sufficient well organized as hand luggage. In English we say “dead” to her – of “to carry”, “carrying”. It was invented as early as 1900. At that time she was still made ​​of sturdy fabric or leather. Today everything is permitted, what pleases and suits – from super simple to striking.

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How to Dress a V Shaped Body

The morphology V or inverted pyramid means that the entire volume is in the upper body: you have broad shoulders and chest and hips and slim legs. this morphology men often ready because of the sporting stature of this figure, but do not worry, it only takes nothing to make him all her femininity. Unlike the silhouette in A, we must try to develop hips and slender legs and delete the volume on high. Discover what to wear to feminize and balance your figure V.

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