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Samsung Circular Smartwatch

Samsung wants to do things right this time with his rumored “Orbis” and is perfected design

The situation in the coming months on the market smartwatch promises, because with the Apple Watch just around the corner, we’re about to really find out whether this 2015 will be “the year of the smartwatch” as some predicted or so otherwise we will have to keep waiting. Many players have already shown their-Apple, LG, Pebble and Huawei- letters, although we miss especially one in particular: where are you, Samsung?

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Hyundai app for Android

Controlling our car from the Smartwatch is now a reality thanks to the Hyundai app for Android Wear

The future we will use our smartwatch is yet to be written, however, and begins to glimpse the path that until recently we sounded like science fiction. As we saw in the past CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai announced it would launch the Blue Link app for Android Wear from users of any of the compatible vehicles with this technology could control some functions of your vehicle.

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Smartwatch Compatible with iOS and Android

Microsoft smart watch also have a large number of sensors to measure different parameters

The race for companies earn a place in the young market smartwatch is being frantic. Most important of the moment-with permission from Apple-have already launched their devices to market and those that have not yet do so in the coming months.

Of course, Microsoft is one of those companies that have not yet set foot in the market for smart watches. There are few rumors and reports have indicated that the guys in Redmond are working on their own wearable device , but all I know about him is equally uncertain or more than what we know about the iWatch Apple. What Microsoft is preparing?

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Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Review

Kairos is a smart watch under the guise of an elegant conventional clock

No, it is not a new concept image that you are watching. This smartwatch called Kairos and is very real, as real as its launch is scheduled for later this year. In a booming market such as smart watches, trying to gain a foothold in it is vital to ensure continuity in the coming years. Then we will see how Kairos could get.

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How to Add Extra USB Ports to Imac

The range of personal computers Apple iMac represents one “all–one” approach to it. IMacs combine the traditional computer tower and monitor into a single unit to eliminate clutter in the office.Each iMac model developed by Apple has a number of USB ports, usually between two and four. When more than four USB devices must be connected to the iMac computer, additional USB ports can be added to the iMac with a USB hub.

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Moto 360 Second Generation Release

Lenovo CEO could have shown ahead of time the bike 360 which will debut in 2015

The bike 360 was one of the most spectacular smartwatch of last year and, despite his more than 6 months in the market, currently few can boast of having a design better than the Motorola. How is the second generation of the bike 360? It is something that many wonder what own Lenovo CEO could have given us accidentally response.

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Apple Must Be Forced to Use Micro-Usb

The EUROPEAN UNION will force Apple to use micro-USB, instead of their own lightning-connector for charging phones and iPads.

A universal charger that fits all mobile phones and tablets, should be introduced in order to reduce costs and waste.

It suggested the EU’s Committee of the internal telecommunications market last Thursday.

-“We call on the Member States and manufacturers to introduce a universal charger that should put an end to, among other things, cable clutter by mobile phones and tablets,” says Barbara Weiler from the European Parliament on Thursday in a press release.

With this proposal the EUROPEAN UNION apparently goes directly after American Apple, who as one of the only uses a different default a micro-USB.

Apple has most recently developed their lightning Jack, however, exists with an adaptor to the micro-USB.But it is apparently not enough for the EUROPEAN UNION, which will now legislate in this area.

Apple Torture: iPhone 5 C Against iPhone 5S in the Drop Test?

The question is whether the plastic is better than metal, when the iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S meet each other in a drop test.

Every time new smartphones coming on the street, they will be tested from A-Z by both experts and by all kinds of users.

At our site we also test new smartphones, and here you have got in the habit of carrying out unscientific, drop tests, that will display device durability by fall on hard surfaces.

In this test, the people have chosen to test Apple’s two newest products iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c.

Thus, it should be possible to see if iPhone 5 c with the plastic wrapping is more resilient, a top model iPhone 5S with metal cover when it comes to drop from chest height.

Visit Steve Jobs Childhood Home

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a pioneer and you might soon get into his childhood home, where it all started.

Steve Jobs has had an enormous impact on the it industry, it can not be discussed and now is his childhood home, perhaps on his way to becoming a national monument. It writes our site.

Address 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, California says you probably nothing, unless you are a really passionate Apple fan. It was here that Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak started it, among other things, that was the beginning of Apple.

A Commission is now working on, to make his childhood home into a historic landmark, it writes several u.s. media, among other things, CNN. Adopted this so INAH building and shall consist, as a landmark.

Steve Jobs and his adoptive parents moved into the House, when he was in seventh grade.

New Gold Colored iPad Mini Spotted on Image

It seems that before long we should expect a launch of a new generation iPad Mini. Pictures leaked in “gold-color”.

In addition to fingerprint reader and iOS 7 so also see it out to gold color has been something that customers have taken to it with the new iPhone-top model, iPhone 5S. Now showing new images from an Asian website also States that the second generation iPad Mini is on its way in gold color. It writes the our site.

Our site has got information from it, they assume that a reliable source that the second generation iPad Mini gets the new A7-processor, motion sensor M7, 1 GB of RAM-and there will be a common iPad (5th generation) with the same specifications, however, 2 GB of RAM.

The rumors going on that Apple holds iPad event on 15. October-these are, however, not yet confirmed by Apple itself.

SmallPod Air-First Look at Danish Design Loudspeakers

Web TV: came quite close to SmallPod Air speakers for iPhone and iPad-both the design and the sound is nice.

The Royal firm Scandyna, known for their iconic speaker design, is on the road with new speakers, providing the music more justice than Smartphone flimsy speaker.

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