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Cctv Security Cameras, Dvr Kit with 16 Cameras


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cctv Kit h. 264. suitable for both home or business applications. comes complete with 16 cameras, CMOS cameras with IR 420TVL night vision improved. backs up via usb. activates remotely and view via the Internet from anywhere. still supports live view via your cell phone! diy installation very simple. Continue reading

Coloring Books for Smartphones and Tablets

Coloring books for adults boom. The trend from the UK has spread quickly. The coloring books are the hottest way to forget their everyday stress and relax. The books have conquered the bestseller lists in England and the trend has quickly spread to other countries. Also in Germany you will find in every bookstore coloring books for adults. Pen manufacturers even drive special layers to meet the demand of coloring book fans.

When I came across the application Colorfy: Coloring book for adults when I was browsing the appstore, I became curious. The makers of the app promise”Therapeutic coloring now for your iPhone. And free of charge. “The user is promised that” time flies and problems are dissolved in air while you relax and have fun.” Continue reading

TAG Heuer Android Wear Smartwatch

TAG Heuer announces its first smartwatch that will be born from the hand of Intel and Android Wear

It was a matter of time that Swiss manufacturers entering the market for smart watches, and if a few weeks ago and saw some as Frederique Constant, Alpina or Mondaine present the first connected watches “Swiss made” is now the prestigious TAG Heuer who announced the arrival of its first smartwatch market. In fact, if we have followed over the last few months, you know that that ad was practically a secret, as the CEO of the company itself had already announced in passing at occasional interview.

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Hyundai app for Android

Controlling our car from the Smartwatch is now a reality thanks to the Hyundai app for Android Wear

The future we will use our smartwatch is yet to be written, however, and begins to glimpse the path that until recently we sounded like science fiction. As we saw in the past CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai announced it would launch the Blue Link app for Android Wear from users of any of the compatible vehicles with this technology could control some functions of your vehicle.

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LG Watch Urbane Android Smartwatch

Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

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Cyanogen Inc presents MOD and Kick off the Post App on Android

The Mobile World Congress is not just a stage in which are presented the latest generation hardware platforms, but also a place where we talk about software. They know the guys from Cyanogen Inc, which took advantage of the occasion to announce their biggest initiative dedicated to Android from the future: get MOD.

MOD is a new API that will allow developers to overcome current intrinsic limits of apps, creating new solutions that integrate seamlessly with the OS, so return an entirely new and consistent user experience that could revolutionize users ‘ approach towards Android. The development of MOD was followed very closely by an important partner of Cyanogen, or Microsoft. In fact its the first app that show this new level of integration that will be publicly released with the upcoming release of CyanogenOS 13. Continue reading

Best and Cheapest Smartwatch

Are you looking for a good smartwatch to give this Christmas? Do you have a limited budget? Check out these options

The smartwatch will be one of the star gifts this Christmas and many of you may find yourselves still evaluating the different options offered by the market right now. If you want to enter this technology category right foot but count on a shoestring budget, let yourselves be advised by us and the list of smart watches that we have prepared this article.

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Gets a New Update for the Google Apps on Android and Small Novelties to Play Games and Inbox

A series of small updates and optimizations are dedicated to some of the major Google services and applications available on Android; precisely to Play Games, Google apps and Inbox.

As far as Play Games are adding a new icon and a small banner that indicate support for the service on the part of compatible games on Play Store. You can then see at a glance what titles will enable us to exploit our account to track your progress, online leader boards and all other features linked to Play Games. Continue reading

Huawei P8 16GB Mystic Champagne

The Huawei P8 16gb Mystic Champagne we have introduced you to in a previous post a bit, to see even here presented Huawei P8 16gb mystic champagne . Meanwhile, we have taken the smartphone from Huawei detail under the microscope and report to you today about our experiences with the  P8.

Was made ​​possible us this test of Instyle Germany which action were 25 readers as part of the “Get your Style Phone” and we had to be chosen very fortunate as a tester. We have the Huawei P8 with our holiday Egypt taken and tested in this context the smartphone to all functions out comprehensively.

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The Camera of the Huawei P8

The camera is the highlight in our view, drawing the Huawei P8 from. By its resolution of 13 megapixels on the back and the 8 megapixel on the front but it is currently almost unbeatable. It provides pictures of excellent quality, which is partly due to the many technical features that has integrated the smart phone.

The following options for creating highly professional images are available:

Optical Image Stabilizer: this can remain permanently set and thus include blurred photos of the past.

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