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Mario Testino Gives Way to a Session of Photos, for Vogue Hommes, Very Rise Tone

‘ No Smoking & #8217; This is how they decided to baptize the session of photos published in the magazine Vogue Hommes International in the special issue of the season Spring-summer 2010. A somewhat controversial photo shoot in which model and its physical importance more than relevant in the set, or at least so wanted it Mario Testino, the famous photographer who works for the giant of the fashion press and supported by the Director of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfiled. Continue reading

Magical Boudoir Shooting: Christina Grjasin

Of the right wedding dress, we all dream of girls, and this dream, of course, does not stop at the wedding. Wedding dresses are always a mirror of the time we live in, and at the same time there is hardly anything so personal and individual. If the dress hangs after a long period of thinking and looking in the closet, the next question is: what is to be worn underneath? Of course you can always afford beautiful lingerie, but for the wedding it is again a special purchase. So why not bring the beautiful lingerie in front of the lens and also create a dreamlike memory for yourself, the future husband and the grandchildren? Continue reading

Get the Essential Accessories to Include Your Cell Phone

Fight stress by exercising

Have you ever felt this?

A feeling of tiredness that lasts for days or even weeks, pain in the body for no apparent reason, insomnia, lack of concentration in work and studies, frequent headaches and difficulty sleeping. You become extremely irritated and distressed by feeling this way, as such symptoms prevent you from being more productive in work and studies. Continue reading

Foulard Tendance Ete

Colorful and ironic, chic and glam: between the spring-summer 2014 trends, there are headscarves. The extra touch to any outfit.

Scarves: an accessory for woman who does not suffer the passing of time and remains present year after year, season after season. Indeed, that fits and enhances the latest trends in fashion, as much as can give a touch of class and personality to the most minimal of outfits.

Continue reading

5 Amazing Tips of How to Combine Bracelets and Watches

A charming women’s accessories, without doubt, is the combination of bracelets and watches. In addition to unite utility and beauty, they complement any look, from the most casual to the most elegant, leaving the look unique and full of style. However, one of the biggest questions of the readers is about matching bracelets and watches. So, Let’s clarify all doubts once and for all, besides giving tips on how not to overindulge in choosing these accessories! Continue reading

Handbags, Hats, Shoes and Accessories Tips and Amazing Models

Fashion and beauty Not1 Bags hats, shoes and accessories

Check out the new craze, fashion for young gay and cool … Shoes that look like clogs full of details and romantic colors buckles. For you to use on hot days. Comfortable shoes for the day to day or even for a ballad. Looks good with jeans, t-shirts and dresses sporting … Enjoy the amazing fashion designs tips and stay beautiful and very well dressed. Continue reading