TAG Heuer Android Wear Smartwatch

TAG Heuer announces its first smartwatch that will be born from the hand of Intel and Android Wear

It was a matter of time that Swiss manufacturers entering the market for smart watches, and if a few weeks ago and saw some as Frederique Constant, Alpina or Mondaine present the first connected watches “Swiss made” is now the prestigious TAG Heuer who announced the arrival of its first smartwatch market. In fact, if we have followed over the last few months, you know that that ad was practically a secret, as the CEO of the company itself had already announced in passing at occasional interview.

Now, the company has taken advantage of the opening of Baselworld 2015, the congress of world ‘s most important watchmaking, to officially announce the imminent arrival of its first smartwatch market. Although not yet know its specifications, TAG Heuer has confirmed who will be their companions: Intel and Google .

The former is responsible for providing the processor to mount the clock and the second will provide the operating system Android Wearable to liven. Yes, it seems thatAndroid Wear reach luxury watches , a very smart move by Google to rival the Apple Watch, especially with the Edition model $ 10,000.

Although still no details on the smartwatch is not known, since the first rumors suggest it will be very similar to its current flagship model and Carrera . Of course, incorporating Android Wear operating system leads us to think that will feature a full touch screen, thus dispensing with the mechanical hands and the traditional board. If confirmed, TAG Heuer is the first Swiss manufacturer that completely dispenses withthe mechanical system.

The TAG Heuer smartwatch will have a very similar design to the current model Carrera

The company has announced that its first smart watch hit the market in late 2015, which is expected to leave knowing every detail over the coming months. Of course, we should not expect a precisely affordable price, so it would not be surprising that cost the same or even more than the Apple Watch Edition collection.

We will see what comes out of this exciting partnership between one of the manufacturers oldest and most prestigious in the world watches, and a company like Google. Could Android Wear to jump into the luxury market? What do you think?