Symptoms to Get Pregnant

Motherhood is a dream for almost all women. However, for various reasons, this dream is not always easy or even possible.

Symptoms to Get Pregnant

It is at these times that the glances of hope of a woman have turned upwards, with prayers and sympathies. Of course if you do not believe it, they probably will not help.

But for those who have faith, these sympathies to get pregnant can help emotionally, and who knows, help the body relax, and thereby increase their conditions for getting pregnant.

Faith moves mountains! Meet here some sympathies to get pregnant.

Carrot sympathies

One of the simplest sympathies is to ask the companion to eat 6 carrots a day during the days when they try to get pregnant. But be aware, remember that getting pregnant can take a few months, even without any difficulty. So whenever you try to get pregnant, do not forget: your partner has to eat 6 carrots every day.

Sympathy of St. Cosme and Damian

Another sympathy for getting pregnant is lighting a white candle dedicated to Saint Cosme and Damian along with some candies, such as chocolates or candy. The secret of this sympathy is then put on the highest spot of your home. In the end, you just have to ask to get pregnant.

Simpsons of the shoes

In this sympathy you have to buy two baby shoes, one blue and one pink, of those made of wool, and fill with bullets. Then you just have to hang them on a tree in the street.

Sympathy of the masses

In this sympathy you should send 16 masses to the grandparents and great-grandparents, paternal and maternal, asking in prayer that you can get pregnant.

Sympathy of the candles

Another of the sympathies for getting pregnant is the sympathy of the white and pink candle. In this sympathy you should light the candle, put a glass of water on your right side, and do the ritual of mercy.

So once a week at 3:00 p.m., you should light the candle and put the glass of water, and repeat the following phrase 16 times: “I give Mercy to those who have hurt me. I ask for the mercy of whom I have wronged. “