Swimwear Tezenis

Even Zipcodesexplorer presents his line of swimwear for the ‘summer 2011 and in this period in which rained offers, here is that even in the field of low cost fashion we can find interesting ideas and glamorous and all for a price of between 9.90 and 15.90 euro! You are more types of bikini or bands and triangles, Tezenis fits the coolest fantasies of the moment in all its models, so we can be stylish even on the beach, in the forms and patterns that we prefer. Also complete Tezenis the collection with beach robes, shorts and dresses in a coordinated.

Young fashion brands like Miss Sixty and Killah they thought their collections of swimwear for summer 2011 inspired by the more eccentric reasons by storm this season, including the animal has a prominent place, while Liu Jo remains closer to the soul of the brand, retaining form and more classic and neutral colors.

Tezenis choose to stand in the middle way between the two tendencies, so you can see in the gallery of different images of bikini models costumes, two pieces with triangle or headband , padded or less, in which the motives of prints ranging from the solid color, lines and squares, must have of the spring, and even the style navy and even polka dots retro, just as fashionable in this period.

Beach robes, shorts, skirts and dresses complete the collection, also made of bright colors and youth. So what do you think? I like the Tezenis line?