Swarovski Activity Tracker Reviews

Sufficient exercise is important for health and should last a child, then it is important not only for physical but also for mental fitness. In everyday life, it is not always so easy to move enough. 10,000 steps should cover each every day. That is quite a lot, certainly know those of you who have already tried. So that you your steps stint can monitor, there are not only different running apps, but for a long time, so-called fitness tracker. These are bracelets that look primarily like a watch, especially since they also display the time. In addition, they collect your physical activity while wearing. See Most models according to their actual function very athletic and not necessarily meet the claim of fashion-conscious women. This has now changed with its variant of the fitness tracker of known jewelry manufacturer Swarovski.

Sparkling Design-Reliable Technology

The fitness bracelet was developed by Swarovski, together with the fitness experts Misfit. It initially differs little from the popular trinkets Austrian manufacturer, since it is in the style of popular Slake Bracelets shows (winding-leather belts, studded with Swarovski crystals). However, hiding behind his sparkling exterior, specifically behind the crystal in the center of the bracelet, the same technique as with other fitness trackers. The crystal contains a circular Shine tracking chip of Misfit that detects the following data:

  • step number
  • graduated distance
  • calorie consumption
  • Sleep behavior (duration, deep sleep)

How does the operation?

Using Bluetooth 4.0 LE is the Swarovski Activity Tracker connected to Android and iOS smartphones, via a special app for Misfit, which can be downloaded free of charge in the usual stores, you can use the tracker. About the app, it is then possible to view the data, select activities, set goals and make adjustments and indicate whether you are wearing the Activity Tracker as bracelet or necklace.Moreover, you can get notified you about the fitness bracelet when you will call or you receive a message. In this case, the LED light will light up in the crystal. Do you hear playing sports like music? Three times to tapping the Activity Crystals you activate the music on your smartphone and can hear your favorite songs during sports. About the app you can also choose to have background noise that will support you as while relaxing or falling asleep (eg waves, wind, rustling leaves), or let you awaken in the morning by a song.

Farms is the fitness bracelet of Swarovski via a conventional button cell, approximately holds half a year, depending on usage. This can let you change either charisma or thanks to the tool provided at home even exchange.

Individuality Counts

Swarovski met with the Activity bracelet not only the claim for a fashionable design and reliable technology, but also for individuality.Because the bracelet is available in various colors.

Besides Slake Bracelet from Alcantara leather each model is supplied with a rubber band, so you can carry the fitness armband while you exercise better. To do this you set the Activity Crystal just in the middle, and so receive a bracelet that is not very different to the sparkling heart of a normal fitness tracker. Moreover, can you further Slake Bracelets buy to change this-to fit your new favorite outfit.In this way, the Swarovski Activity Tracker is the ideal companion for your everyday life-whether job, Sport or Party.