Surface Pro 2-Windows Goes Tablet (Product Tests)

TEST: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 would like to be a Windows computer and tablet, but it fails to meet expectations.

Heading from Microsoft on Surface Pro 2 is “The Tablet that’s Got It All”. And it has also, for Surface-concept is actually a really good idea, where the laptop be thought in a different way.

Cut all the way to the bone, then Surface Pro 2 a semi heavy laptop with touch screen, and where the detachable keyboard, must be purchased as optional accessories.

You get an Intel Core i5 processor at 1.6 GHz, 4200U-10.6 “HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels), the SSD hard drive, one USB port, as well as output for external monitor, which, however, requires an extra cable that can be purchased as an accessory, since the end is not standard HDMI.

In relation to the previous edition of the Surface Pro, we are talking about very small upgrades in hardware. In rough outline is the only process the sow, which is a bit more powerful. It should be noted that there is talk about Intel’s new generation (fourth) of the processor and chipset, so it’s not just recycling from Microsoft’s page.

The screen is the same, and the appearance is so identical that must look carefully at the hardware, in order to note the difference.

There are available various configurations of the size of the hard disk where the smallest 64 GB and the largest is 512 GB.

Good quality but the weight is high

If Surface Pro 2 is held in the hand for a long time, will be the arm quickly tired. We are talking about a weight of just over 900 grams, without keyboard. The both feels and is heavy.

On the back of the device there is an integrated Kickstand that can keep the Surface Pro 2 incline of up to 40 degrees, so the display position is optimal when there should be seen movies, or written on a connected keyboard.

Kickstand in the new Surface has two positions, so the working position can be more optimal. The inner position gives a position at 24 degrees.

It is nothing less than brilliant, the Kickstand is a part of the product, as we so gets rid of having to buy a cover that solves this particular problem.

The screen is really nice, and 16:9 format is definitely welcome. In relation to Surface 2 is not supported only five-point, but the entire 10-point multitouch, just as on its predecessor.

If you want to write with ink on the screen, the included stylus can be used. It supports several different levels of pressure from the user, just as a ball-point pen and pencil, making note and drawing experience something better.

Surface 2 Pro has Bluetooth 4.0 and it can communicate with the outside world via Wi-Fi where the standards 802.11 a/b/g/n is built in, but not the latest ac-standard.

USB 3.0 port enables you to connect external hard disk, a 4 g USB modem or use the ethernet adapter and USB hub.

Better version of Windows

I maintain my previous statements that Windows 8 is Microsoft’s best operating system to date, and upgrade Windows 8.1 makes it certainly not inferior.

A large number of small items and details are aligned, so the system appears to be even more complete, but I think that the most important thing is that the Skydrive now is built as a natural part of the system, so there is no need to rodes with an application beside.

Now, users just learning, placing all their documents folder in Skydrive, which is is a natural part of the file structure. Files in this folder are automatically sent up in the cloud, safely stored under similar Microsoft IDENTIFIER. So whether you have an Android device, iPhone, computer or iPad, so the material can be accessed-even when you’re on the go.

If automatic upload on a Windows Phone device is enabled, images from the camera, immediately after visible on the Surface, via Skydrive.

Surface 2 comes incidentally with better battery life than its predecessor, but it is naturally precipitously individually. You must be prepared for the magnet plug to the charger enough guarantees against that pull cable into pieces, if you fall in it. But the charger is in itself a little big and awkward, and you can’t charge with regular USB Chargers.

Use as a primary computer

Do you like Surface Pro 2 in shape, hardware and expression, there is nothing in the way of using this as a replacement for a regular laptop.

The hardware is powerful enough for all ordinary office-and surfopgaver, but the hard drive and RAM size, it does not do to a saved game machine.

Do you buy the adapter connector to the screen, as well as a USB splitter, are Surface Pro 2 a compact computer that can safely be taken with on-the-go. Do you buy so Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2 next, you get both screen and keyboard protection with on-the-go.

Type of Cover 2 have physical keys, like a regular keyboard, but it is pretty compact to write on, so it is not recommended for long writing sessions. The price is around 900 dollars.

The alternative is the Touch Cover 2 with backlight on the touch sensitive keys, but the long-term operation, is a little irritated.

Both keyboards are stuck with a magnetic solution, as I think both work well. Moreover, it is a good idea.

Unfortunately, it also means that the combination of Surface and keyboard, is not as stable, as it is known from a traditional laptop computer. That is why we need an underlay, such as a table, to get the optimum working position, and it is never really good to sit with Surface on the legs on the sofa.

Still not optimized for touch

The user interface in Windows 8 is made up of brightly colored tiles (tiles), and the specific applications that can be downloaded in the Windows Store. But this part continues to suffer heavily from that app-Committee is anything amputated in relation to what is available on an iPad.

I use pretty much not these apps, and therefore refers to the common desktop interface that is perfect as on other computers. But here arises the problem.

Used Surface Pro 2 as standalone device, it is a struggle to hit the little icons and menus with your fingers, and although Microsoft has been trying to adjust a little bit on this issue, for example, in Word and Outlook, it’s still not a good experience.

It reminds me of the days when Microsoft with Windows Phone tried to extort something that resembled an ordinary Windows experience, onto a small PDA screen. Windows 8 is not, although Microsoft says something else, optimized for touch!

But that being said, the work Surface Pro 2 with no problems, when used as a computer with external monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Basically, I love the idea to have a computer that is both computer, tablet and workstation, but in the current setup will be the product of a gimmick, which does not replace one’s current devices fully.

Dock your Surface

Are you addicted to the possibility of being able to set Surface Pro 2 for external devices, is a docking station solution. Microsoft has produced a dock with 3 USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port, audio output, one charger and connectors for networks.

This piece of hardware, makes it a little easier to handle the Surface of daily life on the job. It is important to note that the screen end is not HDMI but Mini Displayport, something that for some users will require an adapter.

The original dock that fits both Surface and Surface Pro Pro 2 costs around 1,600 kronor.

Conclusion: We are still not

No matter how much I’d like to keep the Surface Pro 2, we’re still not there, where it is a recommendable product, at least not without you is prepared to enter into a part trade-offs. In my view, neither the Surface 2 or replace Surface Pro 2 identical tablet or laptop fully.

Edition on 64 GB I tested costs around 7,000 dollars, and for the price, there are many other alternatives. Both within the Pcs with Windows, as well as in the Mac category. It is as if, that it remains hard to catch up with the classic design on a laptop.

Keep in mind that keyboard, USB hub, screen-adapter cable and eventual docking is optional, that quickly get the budget to run away.

Overall, the running Surface Pro 2 both quickly and fluently, so it is not here that you are experiencing the greatest problems.

I have no doubt that we are at a time will get useful multi-units, but we are still there just not quite.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 ends, as its predecessor, in 4 out of 6 stars.