Sun Hat Summer

When we talk about sun protection, it soon comes to mind several important factors, such as sunscreen and a beautiful sun hat.

In the women’s clothing, the sun hat is a key piece, helping to protect against sun exposure on the hair and face.

The models for pool or beach are usually made of natural fiber, raw or straw and their flaps are wider have some that are very large, small, colorful, smooth, with decorative accessories, what matters is to caprichar in the visual.

Last year the beach fashion in terms of hat was the cowboy style, the sun hat for 2011 is Panama style, classic model in the straw color is widely used with ponytail on the side or braid, the only caveat are the short tabs which does not protect you much from the sun, so use and abuse the sunscreen, and remember the sunscreen has to be reapplied every two hours.

As for Panama hat it is a product made in Ecuador its originality is the white color, there are several models, made of straw handmade or not, many famous people have already joined this look for beach 2011.

The price of Panama hat is very variable you can find in the famous camelô for $ 25.00 reais, or in the big stores for $ 4,900.00 reais or $ 25,000 according to the manufacturing mode that will be used on the hour of its manufacture the price goes up, to get an idea if it is done by hand takes two days to six months to complete the piece, everything that is handmade is usually very expensive.

At the time of choosing the hat I advise you to choose the neutral colors, because we usually wear bikinis and other colorful accessories, if the hat is also the look will be too colorful, the hat itself is already a piece that draws attention so the neutral will fall very well in your look, and if you wear sunglasses then yes there is a total sweep.

The international fashion shows addressing the 2011 beach hat  or cap theme accentuate the vintage style, that is, rescues the styles used in the past centuries for the modernity of our times, the most famous model is Panama that are used by some famous brands like Dsquared2, others brands also opt for the most common and exaggerated models.

Get trendy this summer, abuse the creativity and benefits that the Brazilian heat offers us.