Stylish Winter Maternity Clothes 2016

Bonnet, coarse mesh, coats and faux fur are all the codes of the season to keep warm in a casual chic spirit for maternity.

Maternity Winter Coats

Far from Lurex, the glitter and lights, we also want at this time to find the sweetness on bestaah. Softness of the mesh, softness of faux fur or softness of the sheepskin, to play of course fashion. And especially without letting style go, we left for a party campaign all week, or you go walk a few hours, we want to do it in style whatever the weather.


Maternity Dresses
Side thick sweaters ago what to do, ever knitting been so nice and never has yet managed to combine beautiful effect and large fluffy. All reliefs are allowed, then his spring classics, Irish twist, British odds and marl jersey that are doing well. We love in camel, gray, chestnut brown, ecru and navy. We also try more models created, how braiding, terry … or topped with zips, and why not homemade. In plus size, we play them to replace the coat or jacket, it’s lighter and more relaxed afterwards. But the fine mesh is not far behind. It seduces us tucked into the size of a line skirt or skirt, which immediately give a seventies look with heeled boots. And on, I swear, we will hunt down cashmere even in supermarkets, it’s everywhere and at reasonable prices. More boyish one slips his turtleneck, V or round in a man’s pants high waist worn strongly belted and with boots or rubber boots for an androgynous quick draw to Jules and Jim.

Pregnancy Coats
To accompany these soft wool, small or large, we play the card of a preppy with British accent throwing his sights on the very noble English tweeds and all the dry tissues of the guard Men -robe. Wanted little more than a tennis stripe, monochrome chevron see a molten Prince of Wales, for discreet sophistication.

It adds to the whole subtle tip of fake fur to give a feminine softness. Just a piece a coat jacket play groundhog but worn with a sailor cap which shifts; a collar which warms and transforms a sweater or blanket bag that the city is recycled worry more sophisticated manner.

Maternity Parkas
For chilly, it is believed parka lined, large coat, or short and warm cloak put on a skirt or long dress to her feet and worn with woolen tights and boots trapper. Only drawback, it only sticks to it if it is high or very fine, otherwise it fails to superimpose, playing one big piece of that figure is placed on a more slim down. The sky can do whatever he wants us, we have our anti-cold recipes ready in our winter getaway choice to escape the rigors of time.