Spring Will Be Dressed In Pastel Shades

Pink candy, blue baby, turquoise green or orange, spring comes more”sweet” than ever. The pastel tones give life to the windows intermingling with the ethnic, oversize and of course! With black and white garments.

Pastel Tones: Clothes And Sunglasses

The spring is stained a year more of soft and warm colors. Gone are the muted tones that have accompanied us all winter and as every year this season comes with renewed airs, with volatile fabrics and garments very appetizing. The bet by these dusty tones will fill the woman with femininity giving it a romantic, warm and very sensual.

Bimba & Lola oversized jacket/Salad shoes Stradivarius/Jersey Pull & Bear/Pants Dolores promises/Topshop fringe detailing/Hoss Intropia dress/Bimba & Lola

Unlike other seasons where we have also bet on warm colors, this spring we can choose to wear monochromatic looks or delicate combinations in these shades. The fashion of combining tones and prints will continue to wear. It is not easy to mix this palette of colors so if we do not want to appear drawn from the drawings of strawberry cake you must make sure that they are shades that combine with each other; So you’ll make the outfit perfect!

Let’s look at the proposals of the great fashion houses.

Dkny Parade


The cakes also flood  bags ,  glasses ,  shoes and jewelry.

We always say that complements are essential when completing our look; Are undoubtedly the icing on the cake, so they should also go according to the chosen colors. The world of optics has also surrendered to this color palette.

From our site of sunglasseswill.com, we have chosen the sweetest glasses for you to see this season. These are our proposals.

Dolce And Gabbana

As you see the sunglasses are targeted fashion to dye this spring nice and soft tones Have you already thought about what glasses will complement your best spring looks?