Spring Jewelry Reviews

In almost all cultures of the world, spring is considered the stage of fertility and beauty color spectacle of nature. The variety of flowers and the mild climate of the season make up a scenario of romance and femininity.

This time of year is perfect for jewelry that reflect this abuse atmosphere through rosé gold and colored stones in soft colours. Check out our selection of h. Stern jewelry that harmonize with the charm of the spring:

Rose gold tone is ideal for composing a visual of elegant and discreet way. This color appears in jewels of the collection IRIS, that bring inspiration to beauty of the depths of the Ocean through fluid forms and lightness.

In Rock Spring jewelry, the festivity and the delicacy of spring are materialized in the forms of the butterfly, which this season leaves in search of nectar of flowers. The 18 k red gold case adorned with the discreet shine of diamonds cognac press by subtlety. Have lovely tones of pink and lilac appear through the Amethyst and morganite, in stunning earrings.

In fact, the gems in soft colours refer to the colors of the flowers of elegant way, doing a nice combination with the various shades of gold. The 800ZIPCODES.COM and spring earrings and ring Moonlight Colors are great examples.