Spinning Bikes for Exercise

A very popular group classes at many gyms are spinning or indoor cycling or called RPM. This state of sport in the music provides a fun and varied workout that is great to build and burn fat condition.

What is spinning?

The verb? spin?? means very quickly turn; Sport spinning means that your legs do a lot of laps on a special coach-type bike. You ride a program, standing or sitting, to music. Especially in spin cycle:

  • The spinning bike is a stationary bike, a kind of exercise bike so.
  • The spinning cycle has a pretty heavy flywheel; That means the bike is started even if you stop pedaling. This is called a fixed gear
  • The bike is completely adjustable to everyone’s stature and length; You can attach your shoes to the pedals or with band fixed feet. The bike also has a special control.
  • There is a resistor switch: you decide how hard you pedal.

Why is spinning so?? is good exercise

You ride a fixed program of music, with all kinds of different tasks, speed and resistance: hill climb, a flat route, sprinting, and so on. Taxed because your muscles, heart and lungs in different ways, and like a good workout, strength training and weight lifting. Like other sports condition your heart is stronger, you get more lung capacity, it’s good for the circulation of your muscles, tendons and ligaments? and you get more power, especially in the lower part of the body.

How spinning classes look like?

  • You can start with a warm up, usually at the pace infietsen with slight resistance.
  • The other track will be a little heavier stairs with a slower pace, then goes quickly to 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.
  • From the third or possibly fourth digit, approximately ten minutes, go to the maximum level. This is accomplished by either very fast or slow cycling with heavy resistance climbing.
  • A spinning classes usually lasts three minutes or one hour; The last two digits are chilling.
  • There are several variants of spinning: RPM lesson often has a firm texture that changes every three months; Spin Ingles is usually more Freestyle and may vary per lesson; This is completely determined by the teacher.

On the bike

In addition to rapid or slow steps already sitting on the bike is also very done with the saddle.

Sitting bicycles

  • You sit on the saddle with your hands in the middle of the steering wheel, this is the basic posture. You sit quite upright. So your bike during warm-up, cool down and rest, as on a flat road.
  • Happens halfway through the steering wheel, this is a sprint or climb attitude; you sit a little further on.
  • Hands at the ends of the handlebars and over, as riding: usually only when standing or climbing excessively hard sprint

Upright bikes

  • Standing bicycle must sufficiently strong resistance because otherwise your knees overloaded. Often, so climb resistance, if you opfietst a hill. You are a cyclist with bike headlights, with the bottom just above the saddle and your upper body forward. But keep your head up, you get more oxygen inside
  • Jogging or walking: you stand up on the pedals and runs as if it were on a cross trainer. This is often interspersed with sitting.
  • The freeze is muscle strengthening: you ride standing and keep the upper body completely still.

Spinning was developed in 1989 by the American Johnny G, an athlete who also wanted to train at home level. Since 1992, spinning is given throughout the world and is a very popular lesson in many gyms.Known as Les Mills fitness program developers have private lesvariant.

Spinning is a great workout for everyone, at all levels, and a good alternative to the rider, mountain biker and runner in the cold and dark winter months. Cycling on music is uplifting, so you push your limits and really builds can be seen in better condition!